QuantHouse Reports Double-Digit Revenue Growth Since S&P Buyback

March 21, 2018

QuantHouse, an independent global provider of market and trading data, through the use of API based technologies, has announced that it has reached revenue growth in the double digits, since its buyback from S&P in 2017.

S&P sold back QuantHouse to its original founders back in January of 2017, and since then the company has been able to achieve impressive results, in terms of revenues.

Aiding the acceleration of growth for QuantHouse, are several initiatives that the company has promoted over the course of 2017.

Product innovation has been at the forefront of the company’s agenda, highlighted by the launch of the QuantHouse qh API Ecosystem. The new product was created, with the purpose of increasing the adoption of SPI-based solutions for multi-asset class, including analytics, the automation of trading tools, artificial intelligence, and machine learning services.

Illustrating the success of the product, CMC Markets announced last month, that it has added its offering to the QuantHouse qh API Ecosystem, thereby opening access to the independent global provider’s market data feeds and enabling trading via API-based technologies.

Altogether, the company has successfully promoted a product that implements innovative end-to-end technological solutions for the investments and trading industries.

Additionally, QuantHouse has also moved forward with various MiFID II initiatives, including the launch of a stress testing solution for algo-trading, which has generally garnered the attention of many financial services firms in recent years, as a result of technological advancements, and their respective benefits to the industry.

QuantHouse also entered into a partnership with National Physical Laboratory (NPL), back in October of last year, which enabled the company to offer a UTC time source service.

Finally, QuantHouse also offers “direct API access to Systematic Internalizers such as Sun Trading, Virtu Financial and Jane Street,” further contributing to its overall product offerings, and consequently benefiting the bottom line growth in revenues for the year.

Another aspect that has contributed to the improved revenues since the buyback from S&P, was QuantHouse’s acquisition of Victory networks in September of last year.

Victory Networks is a US-based organization that designs and implements high speed networks. The company has successfully linked these networks with various financial firms, hedge funds, and bulge-bracket banks in the US.

Commenting on the successful growth in 2017 revenues, QuantHouse Co-Founder and CEO, Pierre Feligioni, said: “From buying the company back from S&P in January 2017, the revenue growth and innovation capabilities we have demonstrated show the resiliency and effectiveness of our teams. The fast execution of the acquisition of Victory Networks makes us consider many more options to accelerate our growth going forward. We actively encourage conversations with potential partners as we look to repeat 2017’s rapid growth into 2018.”

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