NANO (XRB) Pushes Toward $15 on Increased Binance Trading

February 27, 2018

The XRB coin pushed upward from recent lows, as the BitGrail drama is left behind.

NANO (XRB) seems to be an asset where positive news easily drown out problems. Now, XRB is headed again toward $15 after sliding to $9. Trading on Binance sees XRB/BTC as the third most active pair, ahead of the ETH/BTC pair. With the new price spike above $14, XRB may once again compete in the top 20 of coins.


Binance coins see a shift in priorities, as hot booming assets take the front seat from time to time. In the case of NANO, the hype may continue for a few more days.

Perhaps the biggest news from the project would be the wallet releases, especially for iOS. So far, mobile wallets are only in the testing stage, and the team continues to test the network for conflicts and attack points.

The current rise in XRB may be just a reaction to the over-correction, since the coin’s fundamentals remain strong and it has proven to gain popularity quickly, especially with the increased visibility on Binance.

Rumors about Coinbase

Rumors about a listing on Coinbase have affected coins in the past, most notably Ripple (XRP). Now, there has been talk of NANO getting added to the exchange. It is true that Coinbase started auditing for new additions to its small selection of coins to buy. Yet presence on Coinbase has the capability of lifting a coin, and actually driving real cash into the market.

However, those rumors are often hype, which add to the artificial price inflation. NANO is still a relatively new project, and adding an asset to Coinbase has proven extremely difficult.

Charlie Lee Puts Spotlight on NANO

Part of the attention for NANO may have come from Charlie Lee engaging the developer team on Reddit. The creator of Litecoin has been one of the most influential voices in the crypto community, so noticing the NANO proposal is significant. Yet Lee has been somewhat critical of the network, seeing possibilities for attacks and double-spending.

Yet the tone of Charlie Lee was generally positive, when he explained what made him look into the project:

“I like what I see so far. Dev team with their heads screwed on straight. Good visions of doing transfer of value only and doing it right. Still not sure how it can achieve it without tradeoffs. But so far, I don’t see any glaring holes in the approach.”

Yet despite the solid technology, the XRB price remains volatile, and in the past days, the high spikes have been followed by a sharp drop, and renewed buying. While XRB has risen above $32 in the past, there is no knowing where the price can go in the future, as volumes also fluctuate.

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