New York Times Plans Blockchain Project to Eliminate Fake News | BTCMANAGER

New York Times Plans Blockchain Project to Eliminate Fake News | BTCMANAGER

July 24, 2019

Today’s political climate is filled with different narratives and opinions, making it nothing short of confusing. The media believes they have had no role to play but are responsible for the elimination of this menace. By using the hyperledger fabric, NY Times seeks to build a proof of concept (PoC) to fight fake news, July 23, 2019.

Determining Sources and Origination

A key feature the PoC by the NY Times will bring is the ability to locate the origin of a picture or a piece of information.

Exploring a solution to solidify integrity in photojournalism is unheard of and would be s revolutionary development for reliability in the media.

Misinformation tools continue to evolve and many publications have taken an active role in educating the public. Recently, the Washington Post released a visual explainer of how video can be manipulated, and The Wall Street Journal set up a dedicated team to identify deepfakes.

Origination and source will help publications gain a more realistic view on the history for a picture. This, if successful, proves in theory that there is a way to identify the source for a photo.

Hyperledger is a permissioned blockchain, but other publications have been invited to work on the PoC along with NY Times.

The cryptocurrency industry in general is rife with misinformation. Rumors spread like wildfire and before you know it, somebody has twisted the core of the rumor and woven it into reality. It is a sad state of affairs, but this is not limited to cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Promotes Integrity

A blockchain is a transparent, immutable ledger and is a database that radiates integrity at its core. Therefore, it is almost poetic to see it being used to battle the misinformation rampant in the media.

Distributed ledgers have been praised by corporations and governments alike. Their ability to keep every participant in the loop and not create unilateral disadvantages make them an ideal governance tool.

The merits of blockchain and distributed ledgers have never been disputed. Transparent and fair technology is not something governments cannot publicly shun – the key word being publicly.

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