Queen lies in state LIVE: Man arrested for grabbing Queen's coffin

Queen lies in state LIVE: Man arrested for grabbing Queen's coffin

September 17, 2022

Queen lies in state: LIVE updates after man is arrested for grabbing Queen’s coffin and queuers face 25-hour wait after David Beckham joined them to pay tribute

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Follow all of MailOnline’s live coverage, news and updates as the Queen lies in state for a third day. 

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The government has once again asked mourners to stay away from the queue to see the Queen lying in state, after closing the queue for around six hours on Friday.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has a live stream which usually gives details of the end of the queue’s location and length.

It is currently telling the public to stay away and check for updates in the morning.

The queue currently stands at more than 24 hours.

Mourners who were queuing overnight to file past the Queen’s coffin faced bitterly cold temperatures in the line which reached 25 hours in the early hours of the morning.

Queuers were seen clutching blankets and coats in an attempt to stay warm as temperatures fell to single figures.

Following the early morning rehearsal, royal guards returned to their barracks a short while ago, in a strange sight for local residents of Windsor so early on a Saturday morning.

A rehearsal ahead of the Queen’s funeral on Monday has taken place in the early hours of this morning.

The drills took place near to Windsor Castle, where the Queen’s hearse will be taken to from central London.

Hundreds of military personnel are expected to take part in the event, which has been described as the largest security operation the Metropolitan Police has ever faced.

Man is arrested for GRABBING Queen’s coffin

Police have arrested a man who attempted to grab at the Queen’s coffin – in an incident which left mourners stunned.

Officers tackled the man to the floor during the jaw-dropping incident, which took place around 10pm at Westminster Hall on Friday.

It is believed the man pushed through a queue of mourners, among them a seven-year-old girl, rushed up to coffin and tried to lift the royal standard. He is then thought to have put his hands on the Queen’s casket.

The Metropolitan Police last night confirmed that a man had been arrested on suspicion of a public order offence. 

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A brief overview of what to expect from today’s royal news.

The Queen will continue to lie in state and public mourners will be able to file past her coffin throughout the day, with the last opportunity to see Her Majesty being at 6.30am on Monday.

The queue to view her coffin is expected to reopen later today.

King Charles III will hold a meeting with his chiefs of staff at Buckingham Palace today. He will also visit police operational headquarters where he will thank representatives from all the emergency services involved in the planning and delivery of the events during this period.

More updates are expected after a man attempted to grab the Queen’s coffin overnight, breaking from the queue of mourners and appearing to lift the royal standard.

Tonight, eight of the Queen’s grandchildren will hold a vigil as they take their turn standing guard over her coffin. This will include Prince William and Prince Harry, who has been granted permission by the King to wear his army uniform after he served during two tours in Afghanistan.

Good morning and welcome to our coverage today of all the latest news, pictures and video as the Queen lies in state for a third day.

We’ll be bringing you everything on the queue to see her lying in state, the latest from overnight after a man was arrested for attempting to grab Her Majesty’s coffin, and details for the state funeral on Monday.

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