You have a high IQ if you can spot the six hidden words in the busy classroom in under 14 seconds | The Sun

You have a high IQ if you can spot the six hidden words in the busy classroom in under 14 seconds | The Sun

September 18, 2023

You could have an IQ above average if you can spot the six words hiding in the classroom in under 14 seconds.

Even the most brainy ones among us will struggle to find the words – let alone find them in a matter of seconds.

This tricky brain teaser has the internet baffled at how it could be possible to solve the puzzle so quickly.

The reason it takes a high IQ to spot the words is because there are many other elements in the picture which distract the brain – like bright colours and barely any clear space.

Individuals with higher IQs are more likely to be funny, open-minded and adapt quicker to new situations.

The words are also written in strange orientations to further challenge the problem solver.

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These type of puzzles require the player to carefully examine the image and use lateral thinking – solving of problems by an indirect and creative approach- to arrive at the answer.

To find the words within 14 seconds is no easy feat, however if you are relaxed and don't let the pressure get to you then you could be in with a chance of locating them.

This is because relaxing helps us to have a clearer mindand improves concentration – according to Wellbeing People.

Have you found the hidden words yet?

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If you need a clue, focus on each part of the room separately and scan for where the words may be effectively hidden.

Don't worry if you still can't find the sneaky six, we have included the answer below.

And don't give up, regularly attempting to solve brain teasers can have positive impacts on our brains – including improving memory, quick thinking and problem solving.

The answers can be found written across the teachers desk, hidden within the bush outside the classroom, on the books in the book shelf, across students heads and on a toy two students are playing with.

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