Road rage Asda driver held back as he attacks motorcyclist with A POLE

Road rage Asda driver held back as he attacks motorcyclist with A POLE

August 31, 2022

Moment Asda delivery driver has to be held back by shocked passers-by as he attacks a motorcyclist with a POLE in London road rage incident

  • An Asda driver outside Stamford Hill shop repeatedly swung at a moped rider
  • He had to be held back by shocked onlookers in on Clapton Road in Hackney
  • Rider responded with several punches as a woman yelled ‘hey, Asda man, stop’

This is the moment that an Asda delivery driver had to be held back by astounded onlookers as he attacked a motorcyclist with a large pole.

The shocking road rage incident in Hackney, East London began after the scooter was knocked to the ground in front of the home delivery van on Monday evening. 

Witnesses filmed the Asda driver in a fluorescent yellow vest strike the motorcyclist as he repeatedly swung at him with the long white pole after confronting him just before 9pm on Clapton Road.

An Asda van driver (back right in green hi-vis) in Hackney, East London attacked a scooter rider in a road incident on Monday evening

He repeatedly swung at and hit at the motorcyclist with a long white pole

A woman shouted, ‘hey, Asda man, stop’ and shocked passers-by held him back, eventually breaking up the fight

The enraged driver hit him at least five times in front of the entrance to Asda Stamford Hill.

The moped rider, who was wearing a black helmet responded to the attack with a flurry of punches as a frantic woman yelled ‘hey, Asda man, stop’.

Shocked passers-by managed to step in and break up the brawl, calming down the two men before the rider and the Asda worker went their separate ways.

One local who witnessed the fight said: ‘I expected better behaviour from someone representing a company like Asda.

‘Attacking someone with a big weapon like that just isn’t on. He could have done some real damage.’

The incident happened outside the entrance to Asda Stamford Hill, on Clapton Road in Hackney on Monday, August 29 at 9pm

Onlooker Rabbi Efrayim Goldstein said he notified local police and the council about the incident but had not heard anything back.

He added: ‘I don’t know what started the fight but it was inappropriate.’

MailOnline has contacted Asda has for comment on the incident.

The Metropolitan Police have also been contacted by MailOnline for further details.

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