Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Launches Bid For Democratic Presidential Ticket

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Launches Bid For Democratic Presidential Ticket

April 20, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the anti-vaccine activist and the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, has launched his campaign for the Democratic Party nomination for 2024 U.S. presidential election.

Announcing his presidential bid in Boston on Wednesday, Kennedy said his mission over the next 18 months of his campaign and throughout his presidency “will be to end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power that is threatening now to impose a new kind of corporate feudalism in our country; to commoditize our children, our purple mountain’s majesty; to poison our children and our people with chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs; to strip-mine our assets; to hollow out the middle class and keep us in a constant state of war.”

Kennedy, 69, is the son of former US attorney general Robert Kennedy, who was assassinated while he was a 1968 presidential candidate.

He is the second candidate to enter Democratic presidential primary to challenge incumbent Joe Biden, who plans to seek re-election.

The other candidate is Marianne Williamson.

Both Kennedy and Williamson are seen as outsiders as Biden is considered as overwhelming favorite.

An environmental lawyer, Kennedy has made controversial statements promoting conspiracy theories about anti-Covid vaccines.

Kennedy vowed to end the deep political division in the United States by “telling the truth to the American people.”

His wife Cheryl Hines was the first one to endorse his presidential bid.

“He is a fearless leader who understands the needs of the American people and has devoted his life fighting for democracy,” said the 57 year old actress.

However, there is opposition within Kennedy’s family to his presidential bid.

Kennedy, who compared U.S. vaccine policies to actions taken by Nazi Germany, was banned from Instagram in 2021 for “sharing debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines.”

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