Base-BALD Deployer Bridges $12.9 Million To Ethereum, Moves 2,100 ETH To Kraken

Base-BALD Deployer Bridges $12.9 Million To Ethereum, Moves 2,100 ETH To Kraken

August 14, 2023

Short-Lived BALD Hype On Base

BALD, a memecoin seemingly inspired by the distinct haircut of Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, achieved overnight success before crashing to ruin. The token grew to over $80 million in market cap and became popular on Base, the L2 network backed by Armstrong’s crypto exchange Coinbase.

Base is also the first decentralized network launched by a publicly traded company domiciled in the U.S.

Although moving funds to Base worked through a one-way portal, degens speculated on BALD’s price ascending higher. Holders were left struck out after the token deployer suddenly withdrew liquidity in an apparent rug pull. The coin’s price declined afterward and never recovered.

Regarding the identity of the mysterious BALD deployer, on-chain sleuth ZachXBT shared clues pointing to a pseudonymous user known as @milkyway16eth. The suspected individual sent $50,000 in crypto to another in 2021 with the same addresses used to deploy BALD’s smart contract.

It’s not proven or confirmed that @milkyway16eth is indeed the BALD deploy, although the user went private after the info came to light.

BALD deployer is potentially revealed here.

Two days ago I noticed they had sent Mike $50K back in 2021 and reached out to him to ask who it might be.


Glad to see he shared this info.

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