$ADA: IOG CEO Hoskinson Predicts Cardano-Powered Nation-States in the Next Decade

$ADA: IOG CEO Hoskinson Predicts Cardano-Powered Nation-States in the Next Decade

April 1, 2023

Cardano ($ADA) creator Charles Hoskinson predicts that nation-states could adopt the smart contract platform within the next decade if anti-crypto forces do not interfere.

In a video update (titled “The Five Pillars of the 21st Century”) on March 30, Hoskinson shares with his 320,000 YouTube subscribers that nation-states may one day rely on the Cardano ecosystem for various useful functions.

Hoskinson envisions a future within five to ten years where Cardano’s technology can be used to run a nation-state. For example, the platform could be employed for national identity systems with principles, payment systems with principles, or even central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) that protect users.

The IOG Co-Founder and CEO said,

I can see a path within five to 10 years that you can run a nation-state on technology like Cardano. I can see that happening. I can see a path where Cardano could be used to run a national identity system with principles. Or a payment system with principles. Or a CBDC [central bank digital currency] with principles that protects you. I can see that path.

With the decentralized nature of Cardano, its rapidly growing community, and the resources available within its ecosystem, Hoskinson believes that it’s inevitable that tens of millions of people will eventually adopt and utilize Cardano for various use cases.

However, Hoskinson warns that powerful forces are attempting to maintain a hierarchical power structure by impeding the progress of cryptocurrencies and decentralization. He explains that a movement, such as “Operation Choke Point 2.0” and the globalist movement, recognizes decentralized models like Cardano as threatening traditional power structures. Hoskinson says, “That’s why people are attacking crypto so much these days.”

Hoskinson emphasizes the value of controlling one’s money, identity, data, economic agency, and the ability to participate in the world while restraining government power in people’s lives.


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