Warning to Brits over swarms of pests set to hit your gardens in days | The Sun

Warning to Brits over swarms of pests set to hit your gardens in days | The Sun

June 29, 2023

AN URGENT warning has been issued to Brits over swarms of bees set to gardens across the UK.

Temperatures soared to over 30C in parts of England last weekend, with Sunday marking the hottest day of the year so far.

But while many welcome the warmer conditions, it also bring its problems.

The weather has provided an ideal climate for swarms of bees, up to 5,000 at a time, to gather.

Warmer temperatures are causing hives to become overheated, which along with Queen bees becoming old, has been cited as reasons forfamilies of bugs leaving to form their own huge colonies.

Tim Vivian, of the British Beekeepers Association, told The Mirror: "It is a very swarmy season this year. I think it is like this for a number of reasons, including the weather, overcrowding in hives and the Queen bees getting old."

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He said Britain has hit a "sweet spot for it to become "a particularly swarmy season" due to the warm temperatures in recent weeks.

It comes as a warning has also been issued over an "explosion" of killer Asian hornets.

The invasion of these dangerous pests has begun on the Channel Island of Jersey, where nearly 500 killer queens were caught.

These insects are the largest of their species in the world, and were once dubbed "murder hornets" from the aggressive attacks they carry out on other hives, wiping them out in hours.

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They decapitate other bees, wasps, and hornets and then use the bodies to feed their young.

Meanwhile, Mr Vivian said the swarms of bees are "generally placid" as they have no home to protect, but warned that 200 bee stings can become fatal.

Bees are important because of their superb pollination skills.

Humans need them to pollinate flowers and trees – that provide habitats for all kinds of animals – as well as food.

Around 80 per cent of all flowering plants are specialised to be pollinated by animals.

This is mostly insects, which includes bees.Without pollination humans would be deprived of crucial sources of food, as it's required for many fruits, vegetables and crops needed to feed livestock.

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