Triple murder suspect is an ex University of Nottingham student

Triple murder suspect is an ex University of Nottingham student

June 15, 2023

Triple murder suspect in Nottingham rampage is an ex University of Nottingham student, police reveal – as detectives are given another 36 hours to quiz 31-year-old

The man accused of murdering three people in Nottingham is a former University of Nottingham student like two of his victims, police revealed today – although officers do not believe that to be connected with the attack.  

Police applied to magistrates for an extension to question the 31-year-old man yesterday and were granted another 36 hours.

He was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of murdering 19-year-olds Grace O’Malley-Kumar and Barnaby Webber, both University of Nottingham students, and primary school caretaker Ian Coates, 65.

The force added the suspect is believed to have made his way to a supported living complex in Mapperley Road after the attack on the students but was denied entry, an incident which had not been reported to police at the time.

He then allegedly continued on foot to Magdala Road where Mr Coates was killed and had his van stolen. The force said in a statement: ‘We are still working alongside Counter-Terrorism Policing and keeping an open mind on the motives behind these attacks.’

The 31-year-old suspect is seen being arrested by police after being Tasered on Tuesday 

The force added the suspect is believed to have made his way to a supported living complex in Mapperley Road after the attack on the students but was denied entry 

It comes amid reports the suspect, who has not yet been named, turned up at MI5’s headquarters in London in August.

He was allegedly ‘moved on’ by security personnel after his name was logged, following his demand to be let in the building.

A security source told The Sun: ‘He turned up one day and literally started banging on the door. He was moved on and logged.

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‘This happens from time to time.’

The suspect had reportedly been living in the UK legally for ten years and had a history of mental health issues.  

The Home Office declined to comment on the allegations when contacted by MailOnline. 

The black-clad man suspect arrived at Seely Hirst House on Mapperley Road at 5am on Tuesday – around half an hour before his arrest. 

Chilling CCTV footage shows him trying to climb into an open ground-floor window, before resident Trevor Proverbs punches him in the face to get him off the window ledge. 

The 59-year-old said he was watching the TV because he couldn’t sleep when he spotted the man. 

He told MailOnline: ‘There was a guy all in black looking through the window. I thought he was a burglar at first so I shouted at him to ”f*** off”. 

The man reportedly turned up outside MI5’s HQ in London (pictured) in August 2022

Grace O’Malley- Kumar, 19, was one of two University of Nottingham students who was stabbed to death while walking home after a night out at 4am yesterday

Barnaby Webber, a university student, was killed in the attacks early on Tuesday morning

Caretaker Ian Coates, 65, was stabbed to death before the suspect stole his van and ploughed into three people at a bus stop, injuring one critically

‘But he actually jumped up on the ledge and opened the top window as though he was going to try and come in.

‘I got off my chair and just punched him in the face with a right-hook, which forced him down off the ledge. He looked up and walked around a bit but left. 

‘The security knocked on my door to check to see if I knew the man. I’ve never seen him before in my life.’ 

Shocking CCTV obtained by The Sun shows the suspect walk off, but he returned minutes later and tried to smash the window. When the glass would not crack he left.

He later stabbed school caretaker Ian Coates, 65, to death on Magdala Road before stealing his van and ploughing into three people at a bus stop, injuring one critically.

The suspect was finally stopped in the van by officers armed with Tasers at around 5.30am. 

CCTV footage shows police officers racing to surround a white van with what appears to be a smashed windscreen before pulling the driver’s door wide open and aiming the Taser at the suspect. Two officers are then seen dragging and grabbing his clothes to get him out of the seat, before placing him in handcuffs, the video obtained by ITV shows.

Police officers were seen rushing towards the white van, which appears to have a smashed windshield, and Tasering the suspect 

Chilling CCTV footage shows him trying to climb into an open ground-floor window, before resident Trevor Proverbs, 59, punches him in the face to get him off the window ledge 

The man – believed to be the triple murder suspect – shortly before trying to climb through the window  

Mr Proverbs said: ‘I got off my chair and just punched him in the face with a right-hook, which forced him down off the ledge’  

Mr Proverbs continued: ‘When he came back again he was holding something wrapped up in an orange carrier bag and he used it to hit the window. He did it a couple of times but the glass wouldn’t crack and so he left again.

‘I closed the windows and locked them. Throughout it all, he never said a word. He was silent, even when I hit him. That’s what I think was the most disconcerting thing.’

Jason Derbyshire was in a next door room and heard the chaos unfolding at around 5.15am. 

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He told GB News: ‘I heard loud banging as he tried to get through the window. I didn’t see the security guard come out but apparently he did. The man asked ”Is it a hospital or a hostel”, so the security guard said it was a hostel. Then he walked back, calm as ever.’   

Mr Proverbs, who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, believes he could have been the next victim.

He added: ‘I didn’t hear any shouting or screaming. But the fact that that poor bloke was stabbed to death so close by and most likely just minutes after my brush with the knife suspect is chilling.

‘It’s shocked me. I could have been his next victim. Had he got into the hostel, I think there may have been multiple victims. It doesn’t bear thinking about.’ 

Alex Pridmore, a trustee of the care home, confirmed the suspect tried to gain entry to the property.

‘I’ve no idea why he chose here – he’s never stayed here so he has no links with the residential care home,’ he told Sky News. 

‘As you can imagine everyone is a bit shaken by what happened. We look after vulnerable people so we’re just relieved that he didn’t gain entry.’

Nottinghamshire Police said: ‘A man matching the description of the suspect attempted to gain entry to a supported living complex in Mapperley Road.’ 

The suspect, 31, was finally stopped by officers armed with Tasers at around 5.30am. A knife was recovered 

The triple murder suspect is refusing to answer questions from police, according to sources. 

What we know so far about how the attacks unfolded  

4am – A witness describes seeing a male attacker stabbing a young man and a young woman on Ilkeston Road. Police later found two people dead. 

5am – Chilling CCTV footage shows a black-clad man believed to be the suspect looking for a way into Seely Hirst House, which houses vulnerable and homeless people.  

5.30am – Delivery driver Miklos Toldi, 37, and his wife Petra find the body of Ian Coates – a 65-year-old school caretaker – in Magdala Road as they head to work in their car at around 5.30am. 

5.30am – Witness Lynn Haggitt sees a man in a white van on Milton Street near the Theatre Royal. She said the man looked in his mirror and see a police car behind him, before ‘quickening up’ and slamming into two people. 

5.40am – On Bentinck Road, witness Kane Brady wakes up to what sounded like gunshots’ and sees a person tasered, dragged out of a van and arrested. Police arrested a 31-year-old man on Bentinck Road, but have not yet said when. 

The 31-year-old is said to have arrived in the country as a teenager and have a history of petty drug dealing but no criminal record. He was described by neighbours as a ‘very quiet guy’, the Telegraph reported. 

There are also unconfirmed reports that the suspect recently converted to Islam and started attending an Islamic centre close to the scene. He is understood to have a history of mental health issues.

It has been suggested that the investigation is turning away from terror and instead focusing on the suspect’s mental state – although Nottinghamshire Police has insisted they are keeping an open mind.

School caretaker Ian Coates’ brother, Paul, tweeted: ‘R.I.P Ian Coates, my brother. Ian had led a good life but Grace and Barnaby were just starting out.’

Meanwhile, the victim’s son, Lee, wrote: ‘I’m broken.’

In a statement confirming Mr Coates’ death, Ross Middleton, executive headteacher at Huntingdon Academy and Warren Academy, said: ‘Ian was a much-loved colleague who always went the extra mile for the benefit of our children and will be greatly missed.

‘As a school community, it will take time to process this deeply upsetting news. We wish to extend our sympathy and condolences to all those affected by yesterday’s tragic events.’

Diana Owen, chief executive of the L.E.A.D. Academy Trust, said: ‘I am deeply shocked and saddened to hear about this tragic news.

‘Ian was a beloved and respected member of the Huntingdon Academy staff. My thoughts are with his family and friends during this extremely sad time.’

Barnaby’s family also paid tribute to him yesterday, describing the talented cricketer as a ‘beautiful, brilliant, bright young man, with everything in life to look forward to’. 

Barnaby Webber, 19, with his younger brother Charlie. His family told of their fury at his ‘senseless murder’ 

School caretaker Ian Coates became the third victim to be identified 

Barnaby’s parents David and Emma Webber, and younger brother Charlie, said: ‘Complete devastation is not enough to describe our pain and loss at the senseless murder of our son.

‘Barnaby Philip John Webber was a beautiful, brilliant, bright young man, with everything in life to look forward to.

‘A talented and passionate cricketer, who was over the moon to have made selection to his university cricket team.’

The statement continued: ‘At 19 he was just at the start of his journey into adulthood and was developing into a wonderful young man.

‘As parents we are enormously proud of everything he achieved and all the plans he had made.

‘His brother is bereft beyond belief, and at this time we ask for privacy as a family to be allowed time to process and grieve.

Police forensics officers on Magdala Road yesterday, where Mr Coates was stabbed to death in the early hours 

After murdering Mr Coates, the suspect is believed to have stolen his van before driving at pedestrians at a bus stop in Milton Street at 5.30am 

‘We will not be making any further statements, particularly in relation to the police investigation.

‘We are so proud to release these photographs, chosen by us as a family, of an amazing son, brother, grandson, nephew and friend.

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‘Thank you for your understanding, and to everyone who has supported us in this awful journey so far.’ 

Grace’s family released a tribute to MailOnline hailing her as a ‘truly wonderful and beautiful young lady’. 

Her father is hero doctor Dr Sanjoy Kumar, who previously saved the lives of three teenagers that were stabbed in a gang attack near his surgery.

He helped move the 15, 16, and 17-year-old teens to a makeshift trauma room, before emergency services arrived.  

England Hockey said they were ‘deeply saddened’ at the news of Grace’s death.

In a short statement on Twitter, they said: ‘Grace was a popular member of the England U16 and U18 squads and our thoughts are with Grace’s family, friends, teammates and the whole hockey community at this time.’

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