Three dead as gunman opens fire on random motorists in Spain

Three dead as gunman opens fire on random motorists in Spain

October 26, 2022

Three dead as gunman opens fire on random motorists in Spain: Shooter kills farmer before he is shot dead in police gun battle that also claimed an officer’s life

  • Three dead including gunman after attack in town of Villamayor de Calatrava
  • Shooter, aged around 50, said to have opened fire after row with father, 81
  • Farmer and policeman on the scene were shot dead, before attacker was killed
  • Three others were wounded in the shooting, including the suspect’s father 

Three people have died and at least three others including two police officers have been injured in a shooting in Spain.

A farmer, a police officer, and the gunman himself were killed in the attack which took place in the town of Villamayor de Calatrava, central Spain, around 10.30am.

The three wounded are two other police officers and the shooter’s 81-year-old father, who had tried to flee the scene of the attakc.

Three people including a police officer and the gunman are dead and three others, including two cops, have been hurt in a shooting in Spain (scene, pictured)

The shooting is thought to have begun as a row between the elder man and his son in the early hours of Wednesday, before the younger man grabbed a rifle.

The father is thought to have fled their country house and sought help from a local farmer, who his son shot and killed.

The father was also wounded before the gunman – holed up inside the house – began shooting at random cars passing by.

Police closed a nearby road to stop vehicles being targeted before the gunman turned his sights on them, killing one officer and wounding another.

A second officer was also hurt while trying to help his colleagues.

The shooting rampage was eventually brought to an end after a police marksman opened fire and killed the attacker. 

Villamayor de Calatrava mayor Juan Antonio Callejas said the road had been closed before the incident was resolved because someone “was shooting at all the cars” in an area he described as being full of holiday homes.

It is not clear exactly what the gunman and his father had been arguing about or how he obtained the rifle used in the killings.

Investigations are now underway. 

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