The Queen's coffin begins journey to Buckingham Palace LIVE

The Queen's coffin begins journey to Buckingham Palace LIVE

September 11, 2022

The Queen’s coffin begins journey to Buckingham Palace LIVE: Thousands are set to line streets as late monarch is taken from Balmoral to Edinburgh today before her London funeral on Bank Holiday Monday, September 19

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Here, follow MailOnline’s live coverage of all the latest news today as Queen Elizabeth begins her final journey back to London ahead of her funeral on September 19, which will be a bank holiday. 

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What happens to the Queen’s corgis?

The UK has a great fondness for corgis, in large part due to the Queen’s unending love for the dogs. But the question of what will happen to her beloved animals now she has passed away is one much of the nation is very interested in.

While it is unclear who will look after all of her dogs, some of them will definitely be staying in the family.

Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice will take back two of the pets they gave as gifts to the Queen last year.

Muick and Sandy were only accepted by the Queen in the knowledge the pair would be taken back by the family upon her death. She is said to have dreaded any of her dear corgis being left behind after her pasing.

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Police officers from Police Scotland have been spotted out in Edinburgh this morning preparing the streets for Her Majesty’s arrival later today.

They are putting road closures into place, erecting barriers along the route and travelling to the coffin’s final destination, Holyrood castle.

A mourner has been spotted awaiting the Queen’s coffin in Ballater, looking sombre and holding flowers while dressed in a smart black suit.

The man, seen in Ballater, one of the first places where Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin will travel through, captured the mood of the village as he sat on his own, staring into space.

The village is one of the closest settlements to Balmoral and has historically seen the Queen as another ‘neighbour’.

The Queen’s coffin will leave Balmoral at around 10am this morning, carried initially by castle gamekeepers.

It will then embark on a 175-mile trip today through Scotland, a country the Queen is said to have loved dearly.

The route will take in Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth before arriving in Edinburgh late this afternoon.

The Queen's coffin will make a six-hour journey by hearse from Balmoral Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh today

+ The 175-mile route along which you can view the procession


Staff at Windsor Castle have erected a sign bearing a message to royal fans informing them that their gestures of leaving flowers for the family are ‘greatly appreciated’.

It added flowers may have to be moved from the site – but all cards and messages will be safely reserved for the royal family to read.

Crowds are already gathering under foggy skies at Buckingham Palace in central London to pay their respects to the Queen.

The early-morning atmosphere is sombre and calm as security personnel flank the flow of mourners walking around the parks and the Palace.

Many families with young children and people with dogs appeared to have arrived early to lay flowers in St James’s Park and Green Park before the crowds grow.

Little boys and girls can be seen holding bunches of colourful flowers, Paddington bears and handmade cards while dogs were occasionally yapping at each other as they trotted along on the lead with their owners.

This is the sweet moment that the new Princess of Wales comforted a young royal fan who was in tears as they waited to see the royal family outside Windsor Castle.

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There is plenty to keep an eye on away from the royal cortege procession through Scotland today.

Royal proclamations announcing the new King will continue throughout the day, including one from the Tower of London at 11am.

Church services across the UK this morning will pay tribute to the Queen, with a special service being held by the Archbishop of Canterbury from 11am.

Tributes and memories will continue to be shared across the country, and the Welsh Parliament will gather for members to pay their respects to the late Queen.

We’ll bring you everything as it happens throughout the day.

Brothers unite in grief: Harry and William go on 40-minute walkabout with their wives

Royal sources say Prince William attempted to bury the hatchet by extending an ’11th-hour olive branch’ to his younger brother Prince Harry, by asking him to join him on a walkabout outside Windsor Castle following a phone call with his father Charles.

In a scene that clearly delighted royal fans, who had come in their hundreds to the gates of the Windsor estate to mourn the Queen’s death, William and Harry walked out side-by-side with wives Kate and Meghan.

The two couples went on an 40-minute walkabout inspecting the sea of floral tributes laid outside the gates of the royal estate in honour of the much-loved monarch.

Experts predict the moment could provide a turning point in the frayed relationship between newly-titled Waleses, and the Sussexes, who have been at odds following a series of damaging interviews by Harry and Meghan.

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There will be ‘overwhelming emotion’ when the Queen’s coffin passes through the Aberdeenshire village of Ballater, where many local people knew her, the local minister has said.

Reverend David Barr said locals regarded the Windsors as ‘like neighbours’, particularly as the Queen had been coming to Balmoral Castle since she was a girl, and people in the area had long-standing relationships with the estate.

He added: ‘As you stand here today and you watch Her Majesty pass, that will be very tangible and be very real for people, and I think that will bring on an overwhelming amount of emotion.’

People have been warned to expect ‘severe’ travel disruption across Scotland today as the Royal Cortege, the procession which will include Queen Elizabeth’s coffin, leaves Balmoral and travels to Edinburgh.

The cortege will go via Aberdeen and Dundee, and will travel at walking pace for most of the journey.

Transport Scotland are warning that thousands of people are expected to gather, with major road closures already in place.

The journey to Edinburgh is expected to take around six hours.

People are being told to plan ahead and are warned that road closures could be implemented at very short notice.

The Royal Cortege will travel from Balmoral, via Aberdeen and Dundee, to Edinburgh tomorrow.

Thousands will gather to pay their respects.

🔹 Road closures are in place
🔹 Expect severe travel disruption
🔹 Plan ahead if travelling


Floral tributes are continuing to arrive at Balmoral Castle, where the Queen passed away on Thursday afternoon.

Alongside traditional flowers, drawings and wreaths can also be seen.

Nearby, a post box has been covered with a handknitted cover featuring the Queen in tribute to her death.

Prince Louis: ‘Grannie is with great grandpa now’

A ‘tearful’ Princess of Wales has revealed Prince Louis’s sweet tribute to his great-grandmother the Queen.

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A slight mist hung in the air at Balmoral Castle early on Sunday.

Members of the press were gathering on the crisp, bright morning ahead of the Queen’s final departure from what was one of her most beloved places to spend time.

The monarch’s coffin will begin its journey to its final resting place when it travels from Balmoral to Edinburgh.

Police officers stood guard at the castle gates beside floral tributes which have been laid by members of the public since the Queen died on Thursday.

Police said the area leading up to the entrance to Balmoral will be closed to members of the public for the coffin’s departure.

Ahead of the Queen’s final journey beginning later this morning, it’s worth remembering just how many momentous occasions she witnessed as monarch.

Queen Elizabeth II met 13 out of the last 14 US presidents, all except President Johnson.

Her reign of 70 years has been described as ‘incomparable’ by royal experts as she witnessed some of the greatest advancements known to man.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has paid tribute to the victims of the 9/11 terror attack by invoking the Queen’s own words: ‘Grief is the price we pay for love.’

He added that the Queen was always able ‘to speak for us all in moments of tragedy.’

Close to 3,000 people died during the attacks on the World Trade Centre.

"Grief is the price we pay for love," Queen Elizabeth II said in support of those who lost loved ones in the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

As we remember the victims of that horrific day, we are also reminded of the late Queen’s ability to speak for us all in moments of tragedy.

Members of the public have already started gathering along the Queen’s coffin procession route this morning, including in Ballater, to pay their respects.

The village, which lies about eight miles east of Balmoral, will see the royal cortege pass through later on Sunday as it heads to Edinburgh.

Families have been seen setting up picnic chairs and attaching union flags to barriers outside the village’s Glenmuick Church from about 7am.

The Queen’s coffin will be driven past the church at a walking pace to allow people to pay respects.

What happens next? Day 2 of official mourning

What will happen today on the second official day of mourning?

The Queen will begin the 500-mile journey from her beloved Balmoral Castle back to London.

Tens of thousands are expected to gather as her coffin is transported to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

Her coffin will be carried by Balmoral gamekeepers from 10am this morning.

Crowds of mourners are already gathering outside Buckingham Palace this morning as people come from all over the country to pay their respects to the Queen and the new King and his family.

Flowers are being left along the edge of the palace gates by those of all ages, and a dog has even been spotted dressed in a hat as a tribute to Her Majesty’s love of headwear – and corgis.

Children leave heartwarming tributes to only Queen they knew across UK

Ahead of Her Majesty’s final journey beginning later today, thousands of people have already flocked to royal sites to grieve together and pay their respects to the late Queen.

Whole families, including young children, have gathered together to leave flowers, cards and teddies for the rest of the royal family.

One site was even visited by Paddington Bear, who left a marmalade sandwich labelled: ‘For later’.

Good morning and welcome to today’s coverage of all the latest royal news and events.

Today is expected to be a significant one as the late Queen Elizabeth II is to begin her final journey back to London as her coffin leaves Balmoral and heads to Edinburgh to lie in state.

The journey is the last one the monarch will make before her funeral, which will take place on a bank holiday on September 19.

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