Summer getaway chaos as drivers face three-mile traffic jams on M6

Summer getaway chaos as drivers face three-mile traffic jams on M6

July 29, 2023

Summer getaway chaos as drivers face three-mile traffic jams on the M6 after COWS wander onto the road while families at Dover battle three-hour queues (AND there’s train strikes)

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Holidaymakers looking to getaway for a summer break have been stuck in three-mile traffic jams on the M6, three-hour queues at the Port of Dover and have had to endure cancelled trains as rail workers go on strike. 

On a weekend of absolute travel chaos, frustrated families heading for seaside resorts sat and fumed as a herd of cows charged across the carriageway near Stoke-on-Trent.

No crashes involving the cows have been reported but National Highways said the motorway is blocked in both directions between junctions 15 and 16. 

Elsewhere across the UK, families have had to battle three-hour queues at Dover as some have complained there are people bursting for the toilet but they are stuck inside their cars.

On top of this, those hoping to avoid the traffic jams on the road by taking the train are facing widespread cancellations as RMT union workers go on strike.   

Cars queue at the Port of Dover, Kent, as the busy summer travel period continues

Holiday traffic was stuck in jams nearly three miles long this morning after cows wandered on to the M6 motorway

More than 35,000 people are said to have passed through the Port of Dover on Friday with thousands more expected over the weekend. 

Officials have issued warnings to those looking to go to France for their holiday that they should arrive more than three hours before their sail time to avoid the traffic mayhem. 

Pictures have also revealed similar length queues the other side of the Port of Dover on a motorway in Cestas near Bordeaux, southwestern France.

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At 7am, Dover Officials wrote: ‘The current average processing time through to the border is 120 minutes, as per our peak travel plan for the busiest times.

‘Rest assured, you will be on the next available sailing upon reaching check in.’

Just after 10am, one person wrote on social media to the Port of Dover twitter account saying: ‘Still queuing… over 3hrs now. Horrendous. Missed our ferry. Not even at check in yet.’

Another added: ‘This is utterly disgusting – we’re told 120 mins. There is no way that’s accurate. 

‘We have a hotel we need to get to, a car full of people who need a toilet and unrealistic updates from the Port of Dover.

‘Shame on you! And why is freight being prioritised so heavily? The lorries are streaming by us as we still here desperate for the toilet and not moving.’ 

The Port of Dover Travel twitter account later updated at 10.52am, saying: ‘The Port is extremely popular during the summer. The average border processing time for tourists is currently 150 minutes. 

‘We thank you for your patience and will get you on the next available crossing.’

Traffic queuing on the A20 outside the Port of Dover in Kent

A look at some of the delays being caused to holidaymakers as they arrive in Dover

Drivers are said to be experiencing three-hour traffic jams at the Dover port

Cars stack up behind each other in the traffic jam

A look at the traffic jam on a motorway in Cestas near Bordeaux, southwestern France

People took to social media to share their views on the cows causing delays to the M6

While families waiting at the Port of Dover were furious, it appears those who were delayed by cows running on to the M6 were in better spirits.

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One person wrote on social media: ‘Just found out from BBC Radio 2 why we were stuck on the m6, because some cheeky cows had decided they wanted a day out exploring the motorway! 

‘Luckily we are back ‘moo-ving’ now and they are back in their field.’

A second added: ‘Please tell the travel reader that we all appreciated that “traffic back on the mooove” line, with regards to the cows on the M6 story.’

Another complained: ‘Waiting for the farmer to wake up and come get his cows back, never mind the hundreds stuck waiting on the m6 surely someone else could move them.’

Also affecting holidaymakers are a fresh set of train strikes as members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union, including station staff and train managers, walk out in a row over pay, jobs and conditions.

People have been warned to check before using rail services across the country as trains are due to start later and finish much earlier than usual. 

Only around half the number of trains will run in certain areas, while other places may have none at all – and services on some lines may be affected until Sunday morning. 

Ascot Railway Station was closed today due to Industrial Action by South Western Railway staff

Services will start later, finish much earlier and only operate for a limited period during the day

A reduced, revised timetable is operating across several train operators, including GWR today

A Rail Delivery Group spokesperson said the strike will disrupt the plans of families during the summer holidays. 

They said: ‘This will lead to disappointment, frustration and financial strain for tens of thousands of people. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and understand the impact on individuals and businesses. 

‘Our advice is to check before you travel.’

One person explained on social media how it was even cheaper to book a flight to visit his daughter at university instead of booking a train due to the travel chaos going on at the moment. 

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