Stunned pug isn't sure what's going on after 24-hour trip from China in crate

Stunned pug isn't sure what's going on after 24-hour trip from China in crate

June 29, 2022

A pug rescued from being butchered for meat looked quite confused by ending up at an airport in Canada.

Molly spent 24 hours in a crate as she travelled over 5,000 miles to reach Vancouver.

When the reached the other side, she could get out – but seemed a bit shell-shocked by the experience.

Video shows how she went totally limp and floppy with her tongue out as she was carried through the airport.

Thousands of people reacted to the TikTok video, which was captioned: ‘POV: You’re a rescue pug who just landed in Canada after 24 hours in a crate and have no idea what’s going on.’

Thankfully, Molly has now found her bearings and is living with a foster family while she waits for her forever home.

She was rescued from a Chinese puppy factory by the NGO ‘The Pug Queen’ run by Izabella St James from California.

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Izabella said: ‘Molly was rescued from China in January. We rescued 32 pugs, French Bulldogs, an English Bulldog, and a Pekingese from a backyard dog meat butcher operation and a puppy mill in China.

‘Dogs that are of no more use in breeding puppy factory operations in China are sold to the illegal yet existing dog meat trade. We intervene and save their lives.’

Izabella said her team works to rescue animals caught up in illegal activities abroad and Molly is just one of many they have saved from a backyard butcher or similar.

She said: ‘Because of the CDC ban, which banned dogs going to the USA from 131 countries, I was forced to fly 80 of our rescued dogs from China to Vancouver, Canada, instead.’

Despite rescuing hundreds of dogs every year, Izabella said it has become harder to find them new homes amid the cost of living crisis.

‘It is hard in this economy with adoptions down and donations down,’ she said,

However, she is optimistic that Molly will soon find a family to give her plenty of love, as well as carry her around as she lies completely limp if necessary.

‘She does not have a home lined up yet, but we hope she will soon,’ Izabella said.

She deserves to be loved and cared for, she has waited a long time for this happy ending.’

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