Split from Thomas Jane was the beginning of the end for Anne Heche

Split from Thomas Jane was the beginning of the end for Anne Heche

August 12, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: ‘When they couldn’t make it work, she started falling apart.’ Anne Heche’s split from Thomas Jane was the beginning of the end for the actress, whose biggest problems always came after a bitter break-up

  • Actress Anne Heche died on Friday at age 53, one week after plowing her blue Mini Cooper into a house in Los Angeles
  • Blood tests showed she had taken both cocaine and fentanyl before the accident
  • She and actor Thomas Jane had broken up he confirmed to DailyMail.com
  • They split despite Jane placing Heche’s name on the deed of his home in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles 
  • DailyMail.com can reveal that Heche’s most bizarre behavior  came after splits from her lovers
  • She turned up in a bra and shorts at a house after walking a mile and a half and asked for a shower the day after she and Ellen DeGeneres ended it
  • And she claimed James Tupper had changed the locks and the security code of their home, although he said in court papers they had never been altered 

The horrific car crash that led to Anne Heche death came at the end of a downward spiral that started when she split with lover Thomas Jane, DailyMail.com can reveal.

And it followed a pattern for the actress whose previous break-ups have preceded bizarre behavior.

Heche died Friday a week after she plowed her blue Mini Cooper into a home in the Mar Vista section of Los Angeles. She was 53. 

Heche and Jane, also 53, had been together since 2019 and he even transferred his home in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles into joint ownership with her the following year.

Just seven months after signing the transfer documents, they sold the three-bed English Tudor cottage. 

‘She was crazy in love with him,’ one friend told DailyMail.com. ‘After so many failed relationships she thought she finally found her person – the guy who would be in her life forever. 

‘And when they couldn’t make it work, she started falling apart.

Thomas Jane and Anne Heche made no attempt to hide their feelings for each other when they appeared at an Oscars after-party in 2020

Thomas Jane’s cottage where he lived with Heche in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. He added Anne Heche’s name to the deed but then seven months later the couple sold it

On the day of her fatal crash, Anne stopped by Glass Hair Design salon in Venice, California, where she purchased a red wig. She is seen with the owner, Richard Glass, who said he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary with her behavior

The 53-year-old suffered horrific burns during the collision and was recorded being dragged out of the mangled wreck by firefighters after it burst into flames in LA around 11am. She died a week later.

Actress Anne Heche died a week after crashing her Mini into a garage before speeding off and smashing it into an apartment block where it exploded

‘Anne has always had demons and in the end, when they couldn’t make it work, she started falling apart and she turned to the things that took her out of her funk before – bad things.’

A bottle of what appeared to be vodka was in her car and blood tests have shown both cocaine and fentanyl – but not alcohol – in her bloodstream, according to LAPD spokesman Jeff Lee.

Heche died shortly after being removed from life support on Friday. She had earlier been declared  being declared brain dead.

Jane confirmed to DailyMail.com immediately after the fiery smash that he and Heche had split. 

‘While Anne and I are no longer an item, today’s tragic news was devastating to me and to all who love her,’ he said last Friday.

The day after her high-profile relationship with Ellen DeGeneres suddenly broke up in 2020, she drove to Cantua Creek, a tiny town near Fresno, California, where her SUV ran out of gas. She then walked a mile and a half wearing nothing but shorts, sneakers and a bra.

 She turned up at a stranger’s home and said she needed to take a shower.

Then-student, Araceli Campiz, immediately recognized her from watching her movie Seven Days, Seven Nights with Harrison Ford, and let her in. 

After drinking glass after glass of water and taking her shower Heche asked for a pair of slippers and suggested they watch a movie together. Campiz had to tell her her VCR was broken so they couldn’t.

‘I was thinking Oh my God, we’re in the middle of nowhere and she walks in,’ Campiz said at the time 

When Heche showed no sign of leaving or calling a garage for help, Campiz eventually had to call the sheriff. Heche told officers that she was God and was going to take everyone to heaven in a spaceship.

Ellen DeGeneres said she was no loner in contact with her former live-in lover. They split in 2000 leading to a bizaare incident when Heche showed up at a stranger’s house 

Cameraman-turned real estate agent Coley Laffoon was Anne’s only husband. They married in 2001 and had a son, Homer the following year

James Tupper got close to Heche while filming Men in Trees. While she was still married to Laffoon they were spotted cuddling on a flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles

Araceli Campiz immediately recognized Heche from watching her movie Seven Days, Seven Nights with Harrison Ford, and let her in to her house

 She was taken to a hospital in Fresno and released the following day. She later said she had been taking ecstasy before the incident.

Heche says DeGeneres was her only same-sex relationship. Ellen, 64, said this week that the two are no longer in contact, but wished her well. ‘I don’t want anyone to be hurt,’ she said.

Once it was clear Heche would not survive, DeGeneres issued a statement saying: ‘This is a sad day. I’m sending Anne’s children, family and friends all of my love.’  

Shortly after their split Heche married cameraman Coley Laffoon – who she met when he was filming a documentary on DeGeneres. They had a son, Homer, now 20, but their marriage broke down when she started seeing her Men in Trees co-star James Tupper.

In 2007, Tupper and Heche were caught canoodling on a flight from Vancouver to LA. During much of the trip she was sitting on his lap another passenger told Entertainment Tonight Canada at the time.

 ‘They looked like two high school kids in love.’ At the time Heche was 37 and her new beau was 41.

Two weeks later Laffoon, now a 48-year-old real estate broker, filed for divorce citing ‘irreconcilable differences.’ 

In divorce papers, Laffoon called Heche ‘mentally unstable’ and said her parenting skills were poor.

She retaliated, saying he was lazy and addicted to pornography and online poker.

She went on to have a second son, Atlas, now 13, with Tupper, but that relationship also ended acrimoniously with her accusing him of losing $450,000 in shady deals.

Tupper, now 57, accused her of ‘extended drug use.’

They came to an  agreement where they alternated weeks with their son – and the week they had him the parent would live in their marital home, but then Heche accused Tupper of trying to sell the house behind her back and changing the security code and locks.

Heche was ‘crazy in love’ with Thomas Jane, a source tells DailyMail.com. They are pictured together in 2010 at the Season 2 premiere of HBO’s Hung 

Jane and Heche hooked up after they worked together on the Tuxcaloosa, Alabama, set of their movie The Vanished

Heche’s last Instagram pictures were taken on the set of  Frankie Meets Jack, a movie she was filming with Joey and Andrew Lawrence in Braintree, Massachusetts

Last photo of the star: In her car with a bottle of what appears to be vodka on the day of her crash. However, no alcohol was found in Heche’s blood, although cocaine and fentanyl were

Tupper denied doing anything of the sort and responded in court papers: ‘I truly do not understand this drama and hope it isn’t linked to extended drug use.

 ‘I did not change the locks, nor did anyone else,’ added Tupper. 

‘This code works today, worked yesterday, and has worked continually for a decade. I have never deactivated it.’

He said that on the night that Heche claimed to have been locked out, her older son Homer was staying the night.

‘Obviously, if Anne wanted to get into the house, even if she has lost her key and somehow forgot her alarm code (which is inconceivable), she could have simply asked her son to let her in.’

Heche then hooked up with Jane, who she had worked with on the HBO series Hung from 2009-11. They met up again on the Tuscaloosa, Alabama, set of the movie The Vanished in 2019 and soon moved in together.

After her crash it was rumored that Anne had recorded a since-deleted episode of the podcast Better Together on the day of the crash, during which she drank vodka and wine on air – but producer Ryan Tillotson later stated that the episode was actually recorded three days earlier. 

During the episode, slurring Anne joked about drinking alcohol with co-host Heather Duffy, as she admitted that she had been having a ‘very bad day.’

She explained that Refined – a vodka distillery which sponsored one of their shows – had provided them with free alcohol.

Heather then revealed that they were using wine to chase down the vodka, before Anne stated: ‘Today’s been a very unique day. 

‘I don’t know what happened, sometimes days just suck and I don’t know if you ever have them [but] some days, those no good, very bad days, and some days days just end up like this.

Anne Heche and Coley Laffoon on their wedding day, September 1, 2001

It was rumored that Anne had recorded an episode of the podcast Better Together on the day of the crash, during which she drank vodka on the air – but the producer later stated that the episode was actually recorded three days earlier

During the episode, a slurring Anne joked about drinking alcohol with co-host Heather Duffy, as she admitted that she had been having a ‘very bad day’ 

‘Sometimes days just suck and I don’t know if you ever have them, but you know some days, Mama says just gonna be like this.

‘Some days there’s those no good, very bad days. And I don’t know why some days just end up like this, and things don’t really rock me like that.’  

Heche, was hospitalized at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills hospital north of Los Angeles, suffering from a ‘severe anoxic brain injury’ from the August 5 crash, according to a statement released Thursday night on behalf of her family and friends. Such an injury is caused by a sustained lack of oxygen to the brain.

A representative for her loved ones said: ‘We want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and prayers for Anne’s recovery and thank the dedicated staff and wonderful nurses that cared for Anne.

They said that it had ‘long been her choice’ to be an organ donor, so she would be kept on life support until medics are able to confirm whether she has any viable organs to donate.

On Tuesday, Heche’s spokesperson Heather Duffy Boylston said the actress was suffering from burns that required surgery and lung injuries that required the use of a ventilator to breathe.  

The actress lost control of her blue Mini Cooper after speeding down the street in the Mar Vista section of LA.

She careened into a home and ignited a fire that badly burned her, leaving her in ‘extreme critical condition,’ her rep said.

It took 59 firefighters 65 minutes to ‘access, confine and fully extinguish the stubborn flames’ that were caused by Heche’s crash.  

Heche was filmed being rescued by firefighters, wrapped up in a white towel to prevent infections to her severe burns, before ripping the towels off her as they loaded her into the ambulance.

LAPD are treating the crash as a potential felony, due to the injuries inflicted on the woman inside the home, Lynne Mishele. 

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