'Sex pest' MP Chris Pincher's furious constituents want him GONE

'Sex pest' MP Chris Pincher's furious constituents want him GONE

July 23, 2022

‘Sex pest’ MP Chris Pincher’s furious constituents want him GONE: Petition to oust shamed Tory is launched following scandal that led to Boris Johnson’s resignation

  • Chris Pincher’s constituents are campaigning to remove him as their MP 
  • It comes after he allegedly groped two men while drunk in London last month
  • The Tory deputy chief whip quit his role but didn’t resign as an MP for Tamworth
  • Almost 2,000 Tamworth constituents have already signed the petition

Shamed ‘sex pest’ Tory Chris Pincher’s constituents are trying to get him removed as their MP it has emerged.

The disgraced Conservative Party deputy chief whip refused to resign as the MP for Tamworth in Staffordshire following allegations that he drunkenly groped two men in London’s Carlton Club last month. 

The sex scandal sparked a wave of resignations that led to Boris Johnson’s dramatic fall from power.

Tamworth constituent Terry Drake started the petition, which has been signed by almost 2,000 people.

Mr Drake said: ‘Christopher Pincher has acted inappropriately with his behaviour in a Mayfair club.

‘He acknowledges this by resigning his deputy Chief Whip position of the Tory Party.

Tory MP Chris Pincher’s constituents are campaigning to remove him as their MP after he allegedly groped two men while drunk last month

Chris Pincher, the Conservative Party deputy chief whip quit after he allegedly groped two men while drunk last night. Pictured: Mr Pincher with Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Pictured: The incident allegedly took place in the exclusive Carlton Club in London (File image)

‘However, this behaviour brings disgrace to the town of Tamworth and he has shown he has low moral values.

‘Therefore I feel it necessary to demand he resigns.’ 

Huw Loxton, 46, one of the leaders of the campaign to get rid of Mr Pincher, told The Times he thought they could ‘easily’ reach the ten per cent threshold in a recall petition needed to force a by-election in Tamworth.

The MP has not been to his usual constituency surgery for three weeks and a sign with his face and name was taken from his constituency office last week.

Mr Pincher has served as the MP for Tamworth since 2010 and was re-elected in December 2019 with a majority of 19,364. He was appointed deputy chief whip in February this year.  

In his resignation letter, Mr Pincher admitted he had ’embarrassed himself and other people’, after drinking too much at the Tory private members club in London. 

The letter said: ‘Last night I drank far too much.

‘I’ve embarrassed myself and other people which is the last thing I want to do and for that I apologise to you and to those concerned.

‘I think the right thing to do in the circumstances is for me to resign as Deputy Chief Whip. I owe it to you and the people I’ve caused upset to, to do this.

‘I want to assure you that you will continue to have my full support from the back benches, and I wish you all the best as you deal with aftershocks of Covid and the challenges of international inflation.

‘It has been the honour of my life to have served in Her Majesty’s Government.’

It is the second time he has quit the whips office, having resigned as a junior whip in November 2017 following a complaint that he made an unwanted pass at the former Olympic rower and Conservative candidate Alex Story.

Conservative MP Chris Pincher said serving in parliament was ‘the honour of his life’

He was cleared of wrongdoing by a Conservative party probe.

Having referred himself to both the police and the Conservative Party complaints procedure, he was brought back by Theresa May as deputy chief whip in January 2018.

When Mr Johnson became Prime Minister in July 2019 he was moved to the Foreign Office as minister for Europe and the Americas before returning to the whips office for a third time.

MailOnline has contacted Mr Pincher’s office for comment. 

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