Putin's favourite general, 68, jetted with UK-taught life coach, 36

Putin's favourite general, 68, jetted with UK-taught life coach, 36

August 27, 2022

Putin’s favourite army general, 68, took lavish private jet trip to the Seychelles with glamorous women including British-educated ’emotional intelligence coach’, 36

  • Putin’s former chief bodyguard Viktor Zolotov jet setted with anti-war life coach
  • Manchester-taught Evelina Leve, then 36, has since said: ‘Let there be peace’
  • Crony general Zolotov took five-star getaways to Seychelles on taxpayer’s card
  • Glamorous young models and oligarch Boris Vaninsky among A-listers onboard 

Glamorous life coach Evelina Levi, then 36, partied with the general at a five-star resort

A Russian army chief who served as Putin’s bodyguard took luxury trips to Africa with young models and an anti-war life coach half his age, a new probe has revealed.

Five-star hotel general Viktor Zolotov, 68, partied with ’emotional intelligence expert’ and influencer Evelina Levi, then 36, at the Four Seasons Resort on the picturesque Indian Ocean islands after taking a private jet.

Zolotov is commander in chief of the Russian National Guard, which has lost tens of thousands of men in Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s invasion on February 24.

The news first published by anti-Putin unit the Dossier Centre comes after the Kremlin slammed Russians enjoying western luxuries.

Among others on the trip was Russian oligarch Boris Vaninsky, brought to Moscow by Putin soon after he won the presidency, whose food business has exclusive ties with the national guard.

Russian National Guard chief Zolotov (right) is pictured at a meeting with President Putin

Other guests on the luxury jaunt included the clothing entrepreneur partner of Zolotov’s son

Records show Vaninsky owned a luxury penthouse in London’s upscale Queen’s Gate.

Roman Gavrilov resigned shortly after Russia’s invasion amid a ‘corruption probe’

A day before the first of several exotic flight by General Zolotov on a Falcon 7Х business jet at a cost of some £150,000, a Russian government decree was signed confirming Vaninsky’s company Druzhba Narodov as sole supplier to Putin’s national guards.

The Dossier Centre is linked to exiled Kremlin foe Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a tycoon who was jailed for a decade before leaving the country.

Lt-Gen Roman Gavrilov, 45, was also present on the Seychelles getaway. 

He has since resigned since the war began amid an alleged corruption probe over funds allocated to the troops.

Zolotov’s son Roman, 42, and clothing entrepreneur Anastasia Buevich, 24, joined.

Other glamorous women included the founder of ArtLife project Anastasia Andreeva, 24 at the time of the trip, and her deputy Krestina Lantsova, then 27.

Evelina, who was taught in Manchester, claims to be an ’emotional intelligence’ life coach

Fashion model Anastasia Buevich was among the glamorous girls on the private jet jaunt

Details of the lavish 2017 jaunt emerged as the women left a trail of social media postings, it was claimed.

Zolotov’s presence was confirmed by several reliable sources, said the Dossier Centre, though pictures do not show him.

He is known to be close to Putin, who consults the supreme loyalist on war tactics, according to reports in Moscow.

Other generals come and go as Putin tires of them, but Zolotov has been by his side for years, the most high-ranking of multiple personal bodyguards who have been promoted by the Kremlin leader.

Ms Levi was educated at the Emotional Intelligence Academy in Manchester.

Glamorous Evelina has appeared to make anti-war statements since the start of the invasion

She has said: ‘I do brain plastic surgery. I teach people not only to correctly recognise emotions, but even to plan for their occurrence, in order to then direct them in the right direction.’

It is unclear how or why she was by the general’s side in paradise, but she said: ‘I am not a psychologist, I am not a matchmaker and, unlike many women, I do not have to put on a mask of a b***h.

‘I’m good with myself. I don’t solve your problems, I don’t care about your past.

‘It cannot be changed and there is no point in digging into it.

Life coach Evelina has said: ‘Unlike many women, I do not have to put on a mask of a b***h’

 Art curator Anastasia Andreeva was also present on the trip alongside the general and pals

‘I work with your future, changing your attitude to current situations and making you understand the true causes of negativity in your life.’

After the war broke out, she urged her followers not to ‘give in to panic’ nor ‘multiply hatred’.

She added: ‘Let there be peace.’

Zolotov’s grandson was educated at the UK’s Cranleigh School in Surrey, alongside close friends of Luiza Rozova, 19, Putin’s reported secret daughter who has vanished from social media since before the start of the war in Ukraine.

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