Our petty neighbour built a fence just to separate our rubbish bins – so I took amazing revenge | The Sun

Our petty neighbour built a fence just to separate our rubbish bins – so I took amazing revenge | The Sun

June 20, 2023

A HOMEOWNER has revealed how he took amazing revenge on his petty neighbour who put up a fence just to separate their rubbish bins.

The bloke took to TikTok to share a series of videos on how he hilariously got his own back on his "Karen" neighbour.

In the first video he posted, he showed his followers a woman carrying a metal fence before she began to furiously hammer into the top part of it.

He captioned the clip: "Crazy karen putting up her janky a** fence to "separate our trash cans"… it took her about 5 minutes to get it to finally be stable".

After seconds of repeated hammering, the woman can be seen readjusting the metal rail and slamming it with the tool again before it began to attach to the ground.

He then posted an update and revealed to viewers that his nightmare neighbour had called the cops on him as she believed his bins were on his property.


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But the bloke had the last laugh and left his followers in stitches when he explained how he got his revenge.

"The officer and I chatted for a while and joked about how annoying and ridiculous she is," he wrote on the post.

The post racked up a mega 25.7k views and the man's followers were quick to leave their thoughts in the comment section.

One wrote: "She should be fined, heavily, for wasting police time….."

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Another said: "I'm invested. It's amazing how people get so worked up over ridiculous things. She sounds like a miserable person".

A third asked: "Does she have a job or does she just sit there staring out her window all day?"

He also got his petty revenge on the "Karen" neighbour by "having a little fun with the loud speaker on [his] cam".

In a separate video, the bloke showed his followers footage of how he played tricks on his neighbour through the microphone of his outside camera.

The recording showed the "crazy" neighbour retaliating by propping up her bin lids which the Tiktoker claimed blocked the view of his camera.

One person jokingly suggested: "Start barking at her," to which the man replied, "I have".

While another took the neighbours side and asked: "Do you not have better things to do than stalk your neighbour?".

After the man's followers begged him for another update on the neighbour drama, he posted his latest video which saw the woman staring at the bloke while he moved his bins.

"Crazy a** lady! Came out to watch me bring my trashcan back up… then comes running up to accuse me of moving her trashcans…which i clearly did not…i even moved mine away from hers…," he captioned the post.

Viewers were then left stunned as they watched the neighbour storm up her garden to pettily push her bins back a few inches as soon as the blokes back was turned.

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This comes after one couple took revenge on their nightmare neighbour after they left a huge gap in their wall and spray-painted their fence.

Another set of furious residents hit out at their neighbour's £800 fence which they claimed spoiled the area and put drivers at risk.

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