Now Just Stop Oil protesters are arrested on the Mall

Now Just Stop Oil protesters are arrested on the Mall

May 6, 2023

Backlash at the eco mob! Angry royal fans drown out Just Stop Oil protesters by singing ‘God Save the King’ – as police arrest 13 planning to target King Charles’ Coronation and seize lock-on devices

  •  Royal fans clash with Just Stop Oil activists on The Mall as rival chants broke out
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Royal fans drowned out Just Stop Oil protesters on The Mall as rival chants broke out between well-wishers and eco activists on the coronation procession route.

Just Stop Oil said 13 of their activists had been arrested but insisted they were only planning on waving flags and wearing T-shirts.

They said a protester was arrested in Piccadilly on their way to The Mall, and a further five were arrested near Downing Street.

Just Stop Oil protestor Ben Larsen, 25, said: ‘I wanted to see the coronation and peacefully protest but I have now been detained.’ 

Earlier this morning, police arrested anti-monarchy protesters on suspicion of ‘breaching the peace’ after warning they would have an ‘extremely low threshold’ in dealing with anyone who tried to disrupt the day. 

As thousands of royal fans and well-wishers crammed onto The Mall to catch a glimpse of the King on his way to Westminster Abbey, they were joined by a group of Just Stop Oil activists.  

Police seen detaining protesters from Just Stop Oil on The Mall 

A protester seen wearing a Just Stop Oil T-shirt was detained on The Mall

Onlookers sang the national anthem as the demonstrators shouted messages about climate change and their right to protest.

Some people approached protesters who were wearing handcuffs and told them to ‘shut up’, while onlookers heckled the group.

Demonstrators were seen in handcuffs surrounded by police and backed up against railings on The Mall, as one shouted he was being arrested for wearing a Just Stop Oil T-shirt.

Another tried to argue he was there to make people aware of climate change and was exercising his freedom of speech but was shouted down. 

Just Stop Oil protester Ben Larsen said: ‘I wanted to see the coronation and peacefully protest on the sidelines, in a respectful manner.

‘All we had was a Just Stop Oil t-shirt and an orange flag and that’s enough to be detained by the police and searched.”

He claimed that police found him using AI facial recognition cameras that they were trialling at the coronation.

A Just Stop Oil protester being removed by police

Mr Larsen said: ‘We saw a line of police in front, turned around, saw a line of police behind, they dragged me away, even though I said I didn’t want to go with them.

‘They searched me, they found nothing on me.”

He added: ‘I’ve been told repeatedly that I’m being detained as long as it takes.’

They were mostly ignored by the crowds who kept their focus on The Mall as marching bands paraded down the route from Buckingham Palace. 

The group claim they had no intention of disrupting the procession or locking onto anything, which carries a punishment of up to six months in jail and unlimited fines under the Public Order Bill. 

Several people have been arrested on suspicion of offences including breaching the peace and conspiracy to cause public nuisance close to the coronation, Scotland Yard said.

In a statement on Twitter, the force said: ‘A significant police operation is under way in central London.

‘We have made a number of arrests in the area of Carlton House Terrace. The individuals have been held on suspicion of breaching the peace.’

Police seen surrounding eco-activists on The Mall

Earlier today, police were seen arresting crying anti-monarchist protesters and scouring a van full of ‘Not My King’ banners amid attempts to foil a peaceful protest by thousands of Republic demonstrators at the King’s Coronation.

Officers clamped down on anti-monarchy protesters ahead of the royal procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey at 10.20am after warning they would have an ‘extremely low threshold’ in dealing with anyone who tried to disrupt the day.

As crowds started to swell, chants of ‘Not My King’ could be heard from anti-monarchists, which were met by boos and rivalling chants of ‘God Save the King’.

The Met Police added: ‘Earlier today we arrested four people in the area of St Martin’s Lane. They were held on suspicion of conspiracy to cause public nuisance. We seized lock-on devices.

A further three people were arrested in the area of Wellington Arch. They were held on suspicion of possessing articles to cause criminal damage.

‘There will be further updates later today.’

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