Nearly HALF of British Jews have considered leaving UK

Nearly HALF of British Jews have considered leaving UK

November 29, 2023

Nearly HALF of British Jews have considered leaving UK since Hamas terror attacks with more than six in ten experiencing anti-Semitic incidents, poll reveals

Half of British Jews have considered leaving the UK following a ‘staggering’ rise in discrimination since the Hamas terror attacks of October 7, a new poll reveals.  

Nearly 70 per cent of Jews in Britain say they are less likely to show visible signs of their Judaism in the current climate, the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) found. 

One focus of anxiety are pro-Palestinian protests, with 90 per cent saying they would avoid going into a city if a major demonstration was taking place. 

And while more than six in 10 Jews have personally experienced an antisemitic incident since October 7 or know someone who has, just 16 percent believe the police treat antisemitic hate crime like other forms of hate crime.

The poll, which was based on 3,744 responses, follows a major demonstration against antisemitism in London on Sunday.  

Rachel Riley (front left) posed for selfies with Eddie Marsan (back left), Rob Rinder (back right) and Vanessa Feltz (front right) at a march against anti-Semitism in London on Sunday. Also pictured is Tracy-Ann Oberman

Organisers put the number of people involved in Saturday’s march at 105,000, nor far short of half the UK’s entire Jewish population

The march, organised by the CAA, involved an estimated 100,000 people including Rachel Riley, Eddie Marsan, Rob Rinder and Vanessa Feltz. 

Photographs posted on the presenter’s social media show the stars smiling and making peace signs surrounded by a huge crowd of demonstrators.

Ms Riley, 37, called on campaigners to ‘get serious’ about fighting anti-Semitism – echoed by English actor Mr Marsan who said the UK must ‘stand up and face down extremism and bigotry’.

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Ms Riley posted photos of herself speaking in Parliament Square on X alongside the caption: ‘Proud to have marched alongside Kurds, Iranians, Ukrainians and each and every person who gave up their time today to say NO to antisemitism.’

Her post included a copy of her speech which urged people to stop being ‘bystanders’ and join in the fight to stop antisemitism.

She said: ‘We’ve learned from history the sharp price to be paid when good people stay silent and I’m grateful to each and every one of you here today for refusing to be bystanders.’

Just two people were arrested, including far-right rabble rouser Tommy Robinson and a man who allegedly made antisemitic comments. 

By contrast, a pro-Palestinian march in London on Saturday saw at least seven arrests after yet more demonstrations of overt antisemitism and support for Hamas. 

Those arrested included a man wearing a green headband with Arabic writing, a woman with a sign comparing Israel’s strikes to the Holocaust and four people who were distributing literature featuring a swastika inside a Star of David at a stall.

Police distributed leaflets at the protest to warn attendees about what language and behaviour will not be tolerated – but one protester said ‘the leaflet from the police is a waste of time. I don’t know anybody who has read it or took the slightest bit of notice’.

The police had little to worry about from the protest, whose leaders pointedly paused alongside the Cenotaph in order to sing God Save The King

Marchers hold placards calling for an end to anti-Semitism and wave Israeli flags at the demonstration

A young woman was reportedly holding a hand-drawn placard which read ‘stop doing what Hitler did to you’ – making a comparison between Israel’s strikes on Gaza and the Holocaust perpetuated by the Nazis.

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The police also arrested a man on suspicion of inciting racial hatred by carrying a placard with Nazi symbols on it.

Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: ‘Week after week, central London has become a no-go zone for Jews. 

‘We have witnessed mass criminality, including glorification of terrorism, support for banned terrorist organisations such as Hamas, and incitement to racial or religious hatred against Jews. 

‘The sad truth is that Jews do not feel safe in our capital city. 

‘We now also have empirical data that also proves this to be the case, with ninety percent of Jews saying that they avoid urban areas when these demonstrations are taking place. 

‘The only way to change this is for the law to be enforced, as we have been demanding for weeks.’

Thousands of pro-Palestine protesters flooded the streets of Central London on Saturday. A poll by the Campaign Against Antisemitism suggests most Jews feel threatened by some of the language being used at the demonstrations  

Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism, warned the protests were making central London a ‘no-go zone for Jews’ 

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