Naturist spa metres from Heathrow where there's no 'sex in the water'

Naturist spa metres from Heathrow where there's no 'sex in the water'

May 1, 2023

Inside the secret sex dungeon a few feet from Heathrow airport: ‘Clothing is optional’ at kinky swingers’ spa next door to Premier Inn

  • The  Ab Fab and Kestrel has been serving West London’s swingers for years

Just metres away from the hustle and bustle of Heathrow airport hides one of the UK’s most popular naturist and swinging spas which hosts regular events for couples and swingers – although with strict rules.  

Located in an imposing concrete block that hints at nothing to the unsuspecting passerby, the Heathrow Ab Fab and Kestrel has been happily serving West London’s swinging community for years with its custom built pool, sauna and dungeon. 

But recently the free love zone has taken the decision to draw back its silk curtains and post a series of videos to it’s TikTok page showing would-be punters the delights they offer. 

In one fetching shot, a massage table and sex swing can be seen in a dimly illuminated red room, with the caption reading ‘Get your kink on in our dungeon.’ 

A separate video shows off their fetching jacuzzi and heated pools with a sign reading: ‘No sex in the water.’ 

The Ab Fab and Kestrel sauna is inconspicuous to those walking past  

Inside however it’s a fully equipped naturist and swinging paradise 

Of course there are some rules for the prestigious swinging centre

Another shows off the club’s bedrooms or play rooms seductively tagged: ‘Come play with us.’ 

Play of course within the nudist and swinging community being shorthand for sexual activities rather than a leisurely couple of hours in front of a train set. 

And interestingly enough for a no-holds barred nudist utopia, that isn’t the only rule the sprawling sauna has. 

The club offers a range of events for couples, singles and swingers and each is a little different. 

And despite what you might assume for a place where ‘clothing is optional’ – the dress code can be a little strict.

For special weekend events, ladies are told they should ‘clean, smart and sexy [with preferably] no trousers.’

Meanwhile men are told rather abruptly they are ‘not going down the pub to meet [their] mates for a few drinks’ and should dress as if they are ‘going out to dinner to a nice restaurant for a special occasion.’ 

The club even has its own fully equipped ‘dungeon’ complete with sex swings 

There’s also a variety of restraints and massage tables for punters to enjoy 

Should the party get a little much, guests can even retire to bedrooms for a private ‘play’ 

Other rules include a ban on swimwear in the spa during the day (you may wear a robe) and compulsory flip flops. 

The club also warns that under no circumstance is any alcohol ‘to be taken downstairs, into the dungeon or into the dark room.’ 

They also state that consent is the most important rule of all once inside. 

A statement reads: ‘There is no guarantee of play in our club, it will always come down to your own ability to connect with other members and it is not a requirement of the club to play. 

‘This is a safe place for like-minded individuals to enjoy their free time.’

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