My Titanic sub trip was canceled over major 'malfunctions' just days before same vessel imploded, YouTuber Dallmyd says | The Sun

My Titanic sub trip was canceled over major 'malfunctions' just days before same vessel imploded, YouTuber Dallmyd says | The Sun

June 24, 2023

A YOUTUBER has shared haunting video from his time onboard the Titan during a trip that was canceled due to a series of malfunctions – just days before the same vessel imploded.

Jake, also known as Dallmyd, took a short ride in the same OceanGate sub that was found in pieces days after it went dark on a mission to see the Titanic wreckage 13,000 feet below the ocean surface.

"If my dive wasn't canceled it could've been me inside that submarine today," Jake said in a video released on Friday.

The YouTuber, who boarded the $250,000 trip free of charge, is heartbroken over the deaths of Sunday's crew, but decided to share his experience on the dangerous excursion.

He included pictures and recordings of himself with OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, who would eventually die inside his creation.

Rush boarded the sub for the last time on Sunday alongside British billionaire Hamish Harding, French Navy Veteran Paul-Henri Nargeolet, and businessman Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son Suleman.

All of the passengers were declared dead after the US Coast Guard discovered debris belonging to the sub during a desperate three-day search.

In Jake's video, he gave a close look at the cramped conditions of the cabin and zoomed in on the infamous video game controller that was used to control the 22-foot vessel.

However, the vessel went through a series of now-disturbing trials before he was able to briefly get on.

A Stockton employee explained that the sub does an engineering dive when they get out to sea to check on any malfunctions.

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It was during this dive that they first started noticing issues.

"Everybody's ready to go and one of the computers… it was offline," he said. "They restarted it and it came back online but some of the functionality wasn't exactly as we'd hoped.

"This coupled with some winds, and a little choppy seas, we decided to scrub the dive for today."

Rush spoke to the crew of hopeful divers and explained that they had to call off the drive due to a "control problem" that needed to be fixed.

"So, it just didn't seem quite right, to put it bluntly, and that's why I called it," he told the crew in a room on the mother ship.

"But mostly because we've got to find out what this control problem is. That's sort of important controlling the sub – it's up there with life support. So, we'll be working tonight on that."

Jake recorded the sub being submerged in the water while attached to a platform with divers around to assist with the plunge.

The crew of passengers murmured and laughed while the cramped ship nose dived deep into the ocean.

However, it wasn't long until Rush began to lose communication with the mother ship, and said that fog was rolling in which made diving conditions too dangerous.

"I don't know the particular game plan for this dive. We never left the platform," he said.

"If the fog didn't roll in and cancel the dive, who knows, maybe we would've left that platform, and maybe we would've imploded."

While it's unknown how the dive could've ended that day, Jake said he feels like he dodged a bullet, and is heartbroken for the families of the killed divers.

"I didn't know these people too well, but they treated me very nicely, and I lost a few friends," he said.

In the caption for the video, Jake clarified that he did not pay for a ticket as he was asked to share his experience with his 13.4million YouTube subscribers.


A deep-sea robot sub found five major pieces of debris of Titan two miles beneath the surface on Thursday after a three-day frantic hunt for the vessel.

Search crews had been desperately looking for the vessel in the Atlantic after it lost communication with just 96 hours of life support.

The sub failed to resurface later that afternoon – with its final "ping" to mothership Polar Prince placing the sub directly above the ruins.

In a haunting interview last year, Mr. Rush told how his main worry was that the sub – steered by a gaming controller – would get trapped under the water.

He also claimed there should be "limits" to safety precautions.

"You know, at some point, safety is just a pure waste," he told CBS.

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