My nightmare landlord kept breaking the law so I got my own back…I did try to warn them what I'd do | The Sun

My nightmare landlord kept breaking the law so I got my own back…I did try to warn them what I'd do | The Sun

April 17, 2023

A MAN got revenge on his nightmare landlord after they kept breaking the law – despite the warnings of what he'd do.

Pink Williams took to TikTok to share his landlord horror story and explained the petty way he got his own back on them.

The content creator (@pink.williams) told his 255.6k followers that: "They scheduled another showing today for some prospective tenants even though we have a month and a half or more on our lease.

He then goes on to explain: "After sending them several emails letting them know exactly what I WOULD do if people showed for a showing, they STILL sent people for a showing!

"Of course the LANDLORD DIDN'T SHOW UP".

Pink then had viewers in stitches as he revealed the method he used to get revenge on his nightmare landlord.


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"[This] gave me JUST the right amount of time to hand them the 15 pages, written out on this little yellow legal pad of reasons not to rent THIS property!"

The angry tenant also explained how he sat with the prospective tenants and explained his points and answer their questions.

"Then they packed up in their car and LEFT, deciding to rent from ANOTHER company!

"OH I SHOWED 'em the house!," he added.

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The 43-second video racked up a mega 5,000 likes and over 40 comments from followers who shared his frustration.

One thankful user wrote: "I considered looking into one of their properties a couple houses down from mine… thank you!! Lol".

Another said: "Showin that landlord who's boss!"

A third added: "You're doing great work"

A fourth commented: "The level of petty is magnificent".

One even mentioned how they would be using his genius idea: "My landlord refuses to replace my stove keeps catching fire that they said they'd replace before I moved in. Thanks for the idea I'll be stealing it!"

According to tenancy laws, landlords must disclose in the lease agreement their right to enter the property within the final 30 days of the rental agreement – for the purpose of showing the unit to prospective tenants.

If the landlord does not make this disclosure or does not give at least 24 hours’ notice before entering, they may not enter.

And Pink stressed in his video that the landlord did not have his agreement for the prospective tenants to enter the property at that time – which is why he had to take his revenge.

This comes after another woman got her own back on her landlord when they showed up with new tenants for a viewing without her permission.

Taylor left an amusing trail of notes and objects around the flat in a bid to sabotage the visit.

She left sticky notes dotted around the property – with one suggesting the apartment had a pest problem.

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Another hilarious note said: "Pick up haemorrhoid cream."

Taylor then also left a pile of tampons by her bathroom sink as well as a menstrual cup and boric acid.

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