My neighbours from hell keep parking on my driveway – and then I found them swimming in my POOL | The Sun

My neighbours from hell keep parking on my driveway – and then I found them swimming in my POOL | The Sun

October 11, 2022

A HOMEOWNER was left fuming after his nightmare neighbours kept parking on his driveway – and swimming in his pool.

The infuriated man said the neighbours repeatedly left their four cars on the driveway of his newly bought house – blocking access for builders who were renovating the property.

Sharing the tale on Reddit, the homeowner said he found out about the issue when one of his builders called him and told him there were cars outside the house.

Once the man arrived at the property, the neighbours claimed they had been parking on the drive for months with permission from the previous owners.

"I informed them that I was the new owner and they can't park there any longer," the man, from the US, said.

"We went back and forth, and with the intention of being a good neighbour… I agreed to allow them to park there for a few more weeks until I move in – with the agreement that they would move them by 6am every morning."

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But a week later, when the homeowner arrived to meet his builders at the property to look at the progress of the renovation, there were four cars still in his driveway.

He called the neighbours and after 20 minutes, they finally came out of the house and moved the vehicles.

"They claimed to have misunderstood and thought our agreement only referred to weekdays and not weekends. I corrected them and moved on," the man said.

But the bizarre saga continued when he returned to the house to move in some of his furniture and found the cars stacked in his driveway once again.

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The man tried ringing the neighbours, but this time there was no response – so he took matters into his own hands and called a tow company.

He explained: "45 minutes later, two tow trucks showed up, backed in and hooked up to the cars.

"All of the sudden, the neighbours were home.

"They ran out to stop their cars from being towed, and it ended up costing them a little over $300 to get them unhooked."

The man decided to install cameras and a gate on the drive to deter them – but he was forced to call the tow truck again after they blocked the gate company.

And things escalated even further when the man came home after going out for dinner with his daughter to find the outrageous neighbours swimming in his pool and lounging on his garden furniture.

"They were hanging out and using my furniture," he said.

"When I opened the door and began raising hell, they told the kids to go to the house and the children ran to a corner of our fence and just walked through.

"They had cut out the privacy fence so it could be removed and had been using the pool at their leisure for who knows how long."

The man was left with no option but to take the legal route and call the cops.

"I called the police and filed a complaint. The dad was arrested for trespassing… and an outstanding warrant, and the oldest boy for an outstanding warrant," he said.

"I replaced the fence with a new one, because they had destroyed the posts, runners and pickets by removing and reinstalling the panel.

"Small claims awarded me the total cost of the fence, which came out to $3,800."

Weeks later, the homeowner said he was delighted to spot a "For Rent" sign in next door's front garden.

He eventually found out the entitled neighbours were evicted for failing to pay their rent.

Stunned Reddit users slammed the neighbours as "entitled" and "trashy".

One person said: "You dodged the worst neighbours ever. At first I thought they were inconsiderate, now I’m convinced they are just trashy."

Another wrote: "This descended straight into criminal."

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A third said: "How ridiculous. The level of entitlement some people have is astounding in all the worst ways."

A fourth wrote: "What a debacle. You're lucky they didn't get hurt on your property and try to sue you for it."

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