Mum left shocked after 'failing' real estate inspection

Mum left shocked after 'failing' real estate inspection

April 10, 2023

Horrified Aussie mum is told she failed a property inspection for having ‘children’s toys’ on her living room floor as she’s blasted for not being ‘tidy’ – and even ordered to organise her linen cupboard

  • Mother left in shock after house inspection
  • Real estate agent told her to ‘tidy up’

A young mother has been left furious after a real estate agent told her she had ‘failed’ a house inspection.

Mother Samantha Smith posted a detailed video to social media outlining the reasons a real estate agent grilled her over her Newcastle home.

‘I failed because I need to tidy up, I need to tidy up the toys,’ she said pointing the camera at a shelf full of toys.

‘Sorry, I need to tidy up the toys? I’ve got a one-year-old. Are they allowed to say that?’

Samantha Smith was left stunned after a real estate agent told her she had ‘failed’ a routine property inspection of her Newcastle home 

Ms Smith said the real estate agent had told her to clean up her one-year-old’s toys 

‘I just packed them up but I’ve got a one-year-old and he’s already got his little vacuum (toy) out.’

Ms Smith said the agent warned her that the mattress in the living room made it difficult to access other parts of the home.

Ms Smith then walked around the mattress and to another room to demonstrate that it was still possible to get around the house. 

‘My partner sleeps there because, you know, I have a one-year-old, and he gets up at 4:30 (in the morning) and I don’t want him to wake us up,’ she said.

She said a cleaner came every week to thoroughly clean the family home.

The fed-up mother said the agent informed her to tidy up the linen press cupboard and clean the ceiling fans.

‘This is the only cupboard where I can store our linen press stuff and our food because the whole house has no other cupboards,’ she said.

Ms Smith said the real estate agent also took issue with a mattress on the living room floor where her husband slept 

Ms Smith said her house needed urgent repairs and she had minimal storage space 

‘Is that a joke? Like how is what’s in my cupboard any of her business?’ 

Ms Smith was also shocked she had been told to ‘wash’ the outside of the house.

In the video, she points out the dark coloured mould on the outside walls and roof of the house.

‘That’s mould, mate, that’s black mould, I’m not washing that, like that’s not my business,’ she said.

‘That’s taking the p*** isn’t it?’

Ms Smith said what frustrated her the most was the fact the property was desperately in need of repair.

‘What peeves me is she’s also here to see what needs to be fixed as well and there’s so much here that needs repair,’ she said. 

Ms Smith then walked around the property and pointed out damage including a broken part of the roof, unstable wooden floors on the decking, rotten handrailing and a broken gate.

Ms Smith said her family had been living on the property for seven years and paid $550 per week for rent.

She also said she paid $150 per week for a storage unit as their contract prevented them from storing anything in the garage.

‘I’m pretty p***** off, like the fact that, you know, there’s stuff that needs to be fixed that is severe, like we could fall through the deck, the corner could fall off and split our head open,’ she said. 

‘Our blinds are actually yellow on the other side so they’re all brittle, she wants me to fix them. Like I didn’t do the damage, the sun did.’ 

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