Moment elderly female driver loses control of Lexus and goes airborne

Moment elderly female driver loses control of Lexus and goes airborne

August 26, 2023

Shocking moment elderly female driver loses control of Lexus and goes airborne before hitting Arizona salon, terrifying people inside

  • The elderly woman, who has not yet been identified, reportedly lost control of her vehicle and plowed through several local businesses 
  • Surveillance footage shows the Lexus bursting into a lobby and narrowly missing a man sitting on a couch in the reception area 
  • No one was seriously injured in the crash, but several of the businesses have been forced to close and are unsure when they’ll be able to reopen 

An elderly woman in Arizona slammed her car through the windows of a salon in a shocking moment caught on camera – terrifying the people inside.

Surveillance video shows the woman’s gold Lexus jumping the curb of the parking lot and speeding straight into the front window of Beastly Beauty Waxing before coming to a halt in the reception area.

Separate video of some of the building’s business owners in Chandler show stunned employees and clients reacting to the crash at around 1pm Saturday, which left the female driver with minor leg injuries. 

Ashley Upton, who owns Aurum Men’s Salon, one of the businesses in the development, said if she had been standing a foot to the left she would have been struck.

‘I honestly think I had an angel on my side today because if it was another foot to the left, I could’ve been severely hurt,’ she said. 

‘Other people could’ve been severely hurt. I’m just so thankful that everything happened the way it did and no one is severely injured.’

The Lexus sedan was caught on camera going airborne before hurtling straight into a development of beauty salons

An image shows the car in its landing spot in the middle of the lobby of Beastly Beauty Waxing Salon

Upton had been cutting a client’s hair just before 1pm on Saturday when the wall right in front of her caved in due to the car’s impact.

Her security camera showed the stunned reaction of her and her client after the crash, before they began to gain their composure and try to figure out what had happened.

A third security camera angle showed a man sitting in the lobby of one of the businesses at the Belle Vie Salon Studios as the car crashed the window, missing him by just several feet due to his positioning on the couch.

Local investigators say the woman lost control while driving in the parking lot. They do not believe impairment played a role in the crash.

The woman’s car, which was totaled, was eventually hauled away, along with a black car, belonging to Mario Cardona, who was hit by the rogue Lexus.

‘You can’t get worried about it. You can’t get bent out of shape. You just got to roll with it. There’s nothing I could’ve done to change it. I was just pulling out of the parking lot. She hit me,’ Cardona told Arizona Family. 

‘It was a very bad crash. It was very loud. There were about six people that immediately ran out,’ he added.

Ashley Upton, who owns Aurum Men’s Salon, one of the businesses in the development that was struck by the gold Lexus

Surveillance footage shows Ashley Upton and her client at the moment of impact that nearly brought the entire wall of her salon down

Upton and her client are shocked and rattled in the immediate aftermath of the crash

The man on the left side of the image was narrowly missed by the car crashing through the lobby

Construction workers have already begun attempting to rebuild the immensely damaged development

Upton told the outlet she is relieved that no one was seriously injured, including the driver. 

Several of the tenants, however, were forced to close for the weekend and are unsure when they’ll be able to reopen to clients. 

According to the outlet, it’s also unclear if the property owner or driver’s insurance company will pay for the repairs needed at the businesses. 

Both Upton, and the owner of the Beastly Beauty Waxing Salon have launched GoFundMe pages during their coming time of financial uncertainty.

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