Moment driver chased his van as it hit bins while delivering a parcel

Moment driver chased his van as it hit bins while delivering a parcel

August 1, 2022

Your delivery has NOT been left in a safe place! Moment driver had to chase his own van as it crashed through bins while he dropped off a parcel

  • The video footage shows the delivery driver sprinting to his van as it hit the bins
  • The incident in Warwickshire was captured on Ian Moore’s, 47, doorbell camera
  • Moore said he ‘couldn’t believe’ the driver didn’t pick his wheelie bins up after
  • The accident happened on Monday and Ian Moore warned of handbrake safety

A ‘dopey’ delivery driver was caught on camera chasing his own van as it rolled down the road and crashed through his customer’s bins in Warwickshire- after seemingly forgetting to put his handbrake on.

Ian Moore was at work on Monday 25 July when his phone got a notification from his doorbell camera that a delivery driver had turned up on his doorstep with a parcel.

The 47-year-old then watched in shock as the delivery driver went sprinting back down the drive after his van – only after the sound of it crashing into the family’s wheelie bins alerted him that it was rolling away.

The footage shows him leaping into the van and appearing to pull the handbrake on to bring the vehicle to a stop after it had bowled through the two wheelie bins on the pavement.

The delivery driver, pictured above, arrived in the white van to deliver the parcel to customer Ian Moore

Moore’s house, in Rugby, has a doorbell camera which caught the van rolling down the road

The driver noticed the van beginning to roll as it crashed into Moore’s wheelie-bins at the end of his driveway

The driver began to sprint after the runaway van which likely rolled because he didn’t put his handbrake on 

Ian, who is a delivery service manager himself, has since shared the ‘comical’ footage of the incident with his work colleagues in a safety brief about the importance of remembering to put your handbrake on.

Ian, from Rugby, Warwickshire, said: ‘I’d ordered something but I didn’t know when it was coming – usually you get a notification but this was a company I’d never received a parcel from before.

‘I was at work and the doorbell went. I don’t usually check it but I checked it and actually watched it live and couldn’t believe what was going on.

‘I turned it on and the doorbell is about two seconds delayed so I just saw him chasing after the van and it hit the wheelie bins.

‘At first I was quite worried about him being crushed and about his safety and then when I could see he was okay it was more funny.

‘It’s quite a flat road so I can only think that he hasn’t put the handbrake on with the engine running. I’d say he forgot to put it on.

‘It’s not very often you get things like that on your camera – usually it’s just someone knocking and that’s it.

‘It was quite lucky he didn’t go into our garden wall or another car. It was definitely a dopey moment [for the driver].’

After returning home to a note saying the parcel had been left a few doors down, the dad went and collected it from his neighbour who admitted the driver seemed ‘flustered’.

He was even forced to pick his wheelie bins up after discovering the ‘lazy’ delivery man had left them knocked down on the pavement after his handbrake disaster.

Ian said: ‘I collected the parcel from my neighbour and asked her ‘was he okay?’ and she said ‘he was a bit flustered’.

‘I showed her the video and she was laughing her head off. She said ‘he never mentioned anything but he did look a bit flustered’.

‘I wouldn’t even have posted [the video] but I still can’t believe he never went back and picked our bins up.

‘I drove up the street and thought what a lazy job – he’s done that and not even put the bin back.’

The driver regained control of the van then proceeded to deliver Moore’s parcel to a neighbour who described him as ‘flustered’

Moore also said the delivery driver was ‘lazy’ after he failed to pick up the bins he had hit with his van before driving off

The delivery service manager, despite seeing the funny side of the ‘dopey’ driver’s mistake, feels it is lucky the loose van didn’t cause a more serious accident.

He now hopes to use the footage to warn both his colleagues and others about the importance of checking your handbrake is definitely on before leaving a vehicle unattended.

Ian said: ‘It happens every so often and it’s quite dangerous so we brief our staff quite a lot.

‘I’ve seen a few bad incidents over the years but not as comical as that.

‘When it happens we send videos out to advise people for it to not happen again – I’ve shown my staff at work because as much as it’s lighthearted I’ve done it as a safety brief.

‘Me and my family are definitely more conscious about checking our handbrake is on after watching that as well.’

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