Moment brazen thief on an electric bike snatches a woman's phone

Moment brazen thief on an electric bike snatches a woman's phone

August 29, 2023

Moment brazen thief on an electric bike snatches a woman’s phone just metres from The Ritz Hotel

  • The shocking incident took place in London’s Mayfair district on Friday morning 

This is the moment a brazen thief on an electric bike snatched a woman’s phone in broad daylight just metres from The Ritz Hotel.

Dash cam footage shows the thug blasting through stationary traffic at a red light, before he later mounted the pavement. 

The mugger then targeted a lone woman who was looking at her phone while walking next to Green Park in the capital.

He then comes up behind her and grabs the phone, before wrestling with the woman for the phone. 

The victim was left in a crumpled heap on the pavement in Piccadilly, in Mayfair, as the criminal sped off, swerving between moving vehicles to get away.

The thief was seen riding an e-bike at speed through traffic in Piccadilly on Friday morning

The rider then went onto the pavement after seeing a woman on her phone while walking 

He then grabbed the phone and after a short tussle the women ended up thrown to the floor

The mugger then swerved onto the road before darting in and out of traffic to get away quickly

It is unclear if the woman suffered any injuries in the vile mugging, which happened at around 5.30am on Friday, August 25.

One person who travels through the upmarket area in the capital regularly says there is a problem with thieves.

Robert Edge said: ‘I see them at 7.30 am, Piccadilly every morning when I’m coming out of Green Park.

‘I’ve been done before, it happens so quick to do anything, no CCTV in that area I was told.’

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One person remarked: ‘Shame the people like that never collide with a truck.’

Another, named Pete, joked: ‘Get a dummy phone, cover it in dog s*** and let them grab it.’

Someone else added that ‘people zoomed into their phones not aware of their surroundings is the problem’.

The Metropolitan Police urged people who have their phones stolen to report the crime as soon as possible.

A spokesperson said: ‘We recognise the harm caused during robberies as well as the inconvenience of having your phone stolen. 

‘We ask victims and witnesses to contact police as soon as possible after the robbery occurs. 

‘The first hour, otherwise known as the “Golden Hour”, is critical to catching robbers. 

‘During this time, officers are able to ascertain crucial forensic evidence, helping to catch violent criminals and remove them from the streets. 

‘Advice on how to protect yourself from mobile phone theft is available on our website.’

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