LAPD tases man armed with two swords who critically injured a woman

LAPD tases man armed with two swords who critically injured a woman

October 21, 2022

LAPD tasers man, 23, armed with two samurai swords in body cam footage after he went on stabbing spree following ‘a family dispute’ and left his mother with ‘lacerations to her arms and torso’

  • Eric Herrera, 23, was armed with two katana swords when he was tased and arrested by the LAPD
  • A 43-year-old woman was discovered bloodied by police and suffering from lacerations and cuts to her hands and torso
  • Police say the man had been involved in a family dispute before attacking the woman, reported as being his mother, with the two swords
  • Herrera is being held in LA county jail with bail set at $1M and the woman was hospitalized but said to be in a stable condition 

A man armed with two katana swords attacked a 43-year-old woman on Tuesday before being tasered and arrested by Los Angeles police. 

Eric Herrera, 23, was tasered twice in the middle of an LA street after going on a rampage with swords and stabbing a woman police have said was a family member.

The incident took place on the 1200 block of South Victoria Avenue in central LA.

The LAPD have released body cam footage showing Herrera being tasered and arrested and later of officers tending to the woman, who was covered in blood.

Eric Herrera was tasered after refusing to drop his katana swords when prompted by police. He was then arrested on October 18 at 11.35pm, records show

Eric Herrera, 23, got in a family dispute before attacking the 43 year-old-woman, that KTLA have reported was his mother, with the katana swords

On October 18 at 11.20pm Wilshire patrol officers received a call that an assault with a deadly weapon was taking place.

As LAPD officers arrive Herrera can be seen in the street brandishing the two swords. A seemingly uninjured white dog can also bee seen running around Herrera.

Herrera is asked by police to put the swords down but he does not cooperate and is subsequently tasered, causing him to fall to the ground. An officer then grabs one sword from his hands.

Once lying on the road he is tasered a second time, forcing him to drop the other sword. 

Once both swords were seized he was arrested at 11.35pm, LA county records show. 

Herrera approaches the officers with both swords drawn and refuses to drop them when asked to do so

Once collapsed on the ground the officer that tasered Herrera is able to recover one of the swords

Police records indicate that Herrera in being held in LA county jail and that his bail has been set at $1million

Officers later found a 43-year-old victim on the front steps of her house with multiple stab wounds and gave her first aid. 

The woman warned the officers that she had a daughter in the house and assured them that the daughter had not been harmed. 

Officers applied a tourniquet to her arm to prevent the loss of blood from a deep cut on her hand. 

KTLA reported that the woman who had been stabbed was Herrera’s mother, but that has not been confirmed by police.

Police did say that the rampage was triggered by a family dispute and that the woman stabbed was a family member.

Herrera is then tasered a second time enabling police to seize the other sword

The 43-year-old woman who was stabbed was a family member according to the police and KTLA reported that she was Herrera’s mother

The woman states that she has a daughter inside the house and assures officers that the daughter was not stabbed

The woman was taken to hospital by the Los Angeles Fire Department and police said she was in a stable condition.

Records show that Herrera is being detained in LA County jail with bail set at $1million. Police say they arrested him for attempted murder.

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