Landlord stunned to find tenant SOLD £3,500 worth of furniture and trashed flat when she moved out | The Sun

Landlord stunned to find tenant SOLD £3,500 worth of furniture and trashed flat when she moved out | The Sun

June 24, 2022

A TENANT sold her landlord's furniture worth thousands of pounds on Facebook and left writing scrawled on the walls of her rented flat.

The owner was stunned to find shelves ripped out and pricey tables missing – along with the fridge and washing machine.

Joanna Filipaina moved out of the flat in Auckland, New Zealand, in November.

The landlord's agents went round to inspect it the same day, and were aghast at the state of it.

More than a dozen appliances and items of furniture were missing.

They included a swivel chair, a bedside table, a console, another round table, a television, and bedhead and a queen-size mattress.

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The fridge, washing machine, drier, and a washer-drier stacking unit were also gone along with window blinds, wardrobe shelves and even a shower head.

“The tenant admitted in a text message to taking the furniture items and selling them on Facebook,” a tribunal judgement said.

The cost of replacing the furniture and appliances was $7,104 (£3,645)

There was also extensive damage to the property, including a broken toilet seat, holes in walls, tagging and scrape marks on walls, and damage to the door lock and a garage door.

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The damage was "more than fair wear and tear", the tribunal found.

Landlord Francis Pangfei La claimed compensation for all the missing items plus repairs and plastering totalling over $2,000.

The tribunal found in his favour but knocked some off for depreciation.

In total Joanna was ordered to pay the landlord $7,661.83 (£3,930).

In December a landlord in Oldham, Greater Manchester, found his house piled high with rubbish and poo after an 18-year tenancy.

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