Kim Kardashian-esque French policewoman goes viral

Kim Kardashian-esque French policewoman goes viral

September 13, 2022

Kim Kardashian look-a-like policewoman has people begging to be arrested after she is spotted escorting French dentist who mutilated patients

  • French dentist Lionel Guedj and father Carnot jailed for mutilating patients
  • But all eyes were on a policewoman who was escorting the pair into court 
  • Photograph of her Kardashian-esque posterior went viral on social media 
  • Users begged for her to arrest them, while others joked about ‘police bootality’ 

A millionaire dentist and his father have been jailed in France for performing thousands of unnecessary procedures – but they’re not the ones making headlines.

Instead, the internet’s attention has focused on the policewoman walking Lionel Guedj and dad Carnot into court and her Kim Kardashian-like posterior.

‘We need to get to the bottom of this’, quipped one observer, while another wrote that she ‘has backup for days’ – amid plenty of jokes about ‘police bootality’.

Others considered resorting to crime in order to meet her, with one writing: ‘Someone please give me the name of this district, I need to be arrested.’

A French policewoman (left) has gone viral after her Kardashian-esque posterior caught attention during the jailing of two con-artist dentists

Some even began to doubt whether the officer was real, or had in fact been photoshopped to get attention.

But internet sleuths quickly discovered video of her walking the Guedjs into court and confirmed she is genuine.

Kim Kardashian is pictured at the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York in 2018

‘Does anyone know her,’ user rafael6969 asked Reddit. ‘I’m still lookin,’ was the reply.

Once inside the courtroom, 41-year-old Guedj was jailed for eight years for performing unnecessary procedures on thousands of poor patients in Marseilles.

Seeing up to 70 patients per day from 2006 to 2012, he would hastily perform root canal treatments on patients who came in for fillings.

He would then claim the money back through social security, raking in millions of pounds per year.

At the peak of his malpractice, he was Europe’s highest-earning dentist – taking home £2.9million in 2010.

The court heard he owned a Ferrari, a £700,000 yacht, and paintings by Warhol.

He also amassed a property empire with three flats in Paris, two in the Alps and a whole block in Perpignan in the south of France.

Meanwhile many of his patients developed serious problems that included chronic pain and teeth falling out due to his botched work.

‘I had lost half my teeth by the time I was 45, and at 55 I no longer had any, only implants,’ said Ouassila, who declined to give her full name, ahead of the ruling. 

The court found them guilty of mutilating more than 300 patients, killing the nerves inside almost 4,000 teeth in the process.

Father Carnot, who is also a dentist and worked for his son, was jailed for five years.

Lionel and Carnot had denied the charge of mutilation, but suggested they would admit to a lesser charge of involuntary wounding.

Lionel told the court that he had not set out to harm his patients. 

Lionel Guedj and dad Carnot were jailed for eight and five years respectively for performing thousands of unnecessary procedures on patients

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