Ivana Trump's funeral had copy of mag cover without Hillary Clinton

Ivana Trump's funeral had copy of mag cover without Hillary Clinton

July 22, 2022

Ivana Trump’s funeral displayed a copy of her 1992 Vanity Fair cover that EDITED OUT Hillary Clinton’s name

  • During a ‘Celebration of Life’ for the socialite two of her magazine covers were displayed by the altar
  • Ivana, 73, passed away last week after falling down the stairs at her townhouse in the Upper East Side  
  • She appeared on the 1992 cover edition of Vanity Fair, which originally featured a headline about Hillary Clinton 
  • But the Trump  family appeared to edit out the banner for the version on display at Ivana’s funeral on Wednesday

Ivana Trump’s funeral proudly displayed a copy of her 1992 Vanity Fair cover at the memorial for the socialite – but put up a version that removed Hillary Clinton’s name.

Mourners gathered outside of the St. Vincent Ferrer Church, in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, close to the townhouse where Ivana, 73, was found dead last week.

The Trump family gathered in New York City to bid farewell to Ivana, Donald’s first wife and the mother of his three oldest children – Eric, Ivanka and Don Jr.

Photos published by the New York Post and People show that the Trump family displayed two of her magazine covers by the altar in the church.

One was her May 1992 Vanity Fair cover, which features her sitting on a yellow couch with the headline ‘Ivana Be a Star.’

The original also featured Hillary Clinton’s name on the cover, with the headline ‘Will she get to the White House with Bill or without him?’

But the version on display at Ivana’s memorial on Lexington Avenue appeared without the headline, which was issued during Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign.

The original cover, pictured, had a headline about Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill during his presidential campaign. It also featured stories about Rush Limbaugh and Imelda Marcos – which remained on the version displayed at the memorial

Pictures released by the New York Post and the People show Ivana’s Vanity Fair cover on display at the altar without the Hillary headline.  Ivana can be seen grinning in a white wedding dress while sat on a yellow couch

Ivana Trump was last seen on June 22, walking around the Upper East Side with the help of an assistant

Donald Trump and both Clintons used to be friends, with Bill and Hillary both attending Trumps wedding to Melania in 2005

Donald Trump emerges from the church with his grandson Joseph, Ivanka, Eric, Melania, Don Jr., Jared Kushner and Barron on Wednesday after the funeral

The photos also showed that the other two headlines on the cover of the Vanity Fair magazine remained on the version displayed at her funeral.

They were regarding conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh and the other about Imelda Marcos, the former first lady of the Philippines.

It is unclear exactly why the headline was removed from the cover at the funeral.

Donald Trump and both Clintons used to be friends, with Bill and Hillary both attending Trumps wedding to Melania in 2005.

But the relationship soured when Trump ran against Hillary during the 2016 presidential election, and spread conspiracy theories about the couple.

Writing about the missing story on the cover, Vanity Fair claimed that the original cover did feature the Hillary cover line.

They added that a ‘Photoshop job appears to be the likeliest explanation’ but couldn’t rule out the possibility that ‘subscriber editions’ were published without the tag.

Another possibility they explained, was that Ivana had simply been gifted a version that did not have the banner in question on.

All of Ivana’s children spoke at the two-hour Mass service on Wednesday in front of 100 mourners, including Donald, his wife Melania and their 16-year-old son Barron.

Ivana Trump’s gold casket is carried into St. Vincent Ferrer Church on Lexington Avenue followed by the Trump family

L-R: Kai Trump, 15, with Donald and Melania Trump, Barron, Ivanka, six-year-old Joseph, and Eric Trump after the funeral of Ivana Trump on Wednesday 

Ivanka told the crowd: ‘Growing up, my mother didn’t tell me a woman could do anything she wanted to — she showed me.

‘She was a trailblazer to men and women alike. My mother once told me there was nothing she couldn’t do in heels. 

‘She taught us how to spear fish and then cook what we caught. My mom expanded our minds.’

Don Jr. spoke next and delighted the congregation with fond memories and jokes. Before he returned to his seat, he said: ‘I love you, mom.’

Eric Trump, the youngest, spoke next: ‘She had brains; she had beauty. She was the embodiment of the American dream…

‘She was a force of nature, could beat any man down the slopes, any woman on the runway.

Ivanka Trump with Donald, Melania and the rest of the family on Wednesday, leaving the funeral home 

Both Ivanka and Donald looked emotional as they left the funeral home to reach the church for Ivana’s memorial service

‘She ruled the three of us [kids] with an iron fist but also a heart of gold.’

A mound of red roses lay before the altar, surrounded by 73 burning candles which symbolized each year of Ivana’s life. 

After the service, Ivana’s body was carried out of the building in a golden casket, past her family and dozens of VIP guests.

A woman, who appeared to be Ivana’s caregiver, cried on the church’s steps as the pallbearers passed.

Ivana was also honored by her favorite New York City restaurant, Nello, which lit candles and displayed flowers at her favorite table while she was laid to rest.

She was buried next to the first hole along a grassy area at her ex-husband’s tony Bedminster Golf Club following the invite-only funeral service.

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