Is Scared of The Dark the most ridiculous reality TV show yet?

Is Scared of The Dark the most ridiculous reality TV show yet?

April 12, 2023

Is this the most ridiculous reality TV show yet? Channel 4 gets ready to air bizarre Scared of The Dark show which sees Danny Dyer lock celebs including troubled Chris Eubank and Gazza in a pitch black bunker for eight days

  • Nicola Adams, reality star Chloe Burrows, Eubank, Gazza, and Max George star
  • All are joined by Chris McCausland, Scarlett Moffatt and actress Donna Preston

For many the concept of watching Gazza and Chris Eubank stumbling in the dark, tracked by 50 infared cameras, might sound like a dystopian future straight from the imagination of Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker.

But this weekend Channel 4 is pinning its hopes that eight days of the pair, together with other celebrities like Max George and Scarlett Moffatt, becomes a viewers’ hit.

New show Scared of The Dark – presented by Danny Dyer – runs the risk of being crowned TV’s most ridiculous reality TV show.

And as Dyer admitted himself: ‘This is possibly one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever done in my career, and I have done a lot of mad things.

‘Throw in a bunch of celebs and make them do things with the lights off – it’s proper good telly.

Channel 4 is pinning its hopes celebrities competing in the dark becomes a viewers’ hit

Scarlett appeared to be in climbing gear at one point in the trailer and hoisted off the ground

You’re gonna laugh, you’re gonna laugh some more and I promise you’re gonna love it.’

Retired pro-boxer Nicola Adams, reality star Chloe Burrows, Eubank, Gazza, singer Max George, Comedian Chris McCausland, TV personality Scarlett Moffatt and actress Donna Preston are all taking part.

There have already been teaser trailers for the programme, which has shown the famous names in action. 

At one point Gazza can be seen bumping into a cupboard door and Adams clears a snake from what appears to be a tabletop.

One clip on the trailer appeared to show Gazza bumping into a cupboard door or lamp

At one point Gazza can be seen bumping into a cupboard door and Adams clears a snake from what appears to be a tabletop

Chris Eubank and Chloe Burrows are also competing in the unusual reality TV show this week

Then during another clip shared on social media Scarlett appears to be in climbing gear and then hoisted in the air in a harness.

Another moment features Eubank apparently dancing in the darkness.

All of them are living in a specially decked out warehouse, known as The Bunker.

It has been purpose-built and designed to block out any light and is rigged with 50 infrared cameras 

The Bunker in the show, as shown in a trailer for the upcoming TV programme on Channel Four

This moment from the trailer seems to show the contestants in the dark stuck in some cages

‘I didn’t know if I could cope’: Paul Gascoigne reveals he’s claustrophobic and scared of the dark but ‘concorded his fears’ in new Channel 4 show 


Paul Gascoigne has revealed he conquered his two biggest fears in new show Scared Of The Dark.

The Channel 4 reality show – which also features Chloe Burrows, Scarlett Moffat, The Wanted singer Max George and boxer Nicola Adams – sees the stars cooped up together for eight days in the pitch dark.

Speaking to hosts Richard Madeley and Ranvir Singh on Monday’s installment of Good Morning Britain, Paul admitted he’s ‘claustrophobic and scared of the dark’.

The former footballer, 55, explained: ‘I said to Danny Dyer at my interview, “are we going to be alright n there” and he replied “well I will be because I’m not going there”‘

He continued: ‘I thought I’ve got 8 days in here, can I cope? I didn’t know if I could do it.’

They will compete in the pitch black space for eight days to try and win the reality show.

Channel Four viewers will be able to follow their progress over five successive nights.

Like some of the challenges on ITV’s hit I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, the names have a phrase they can shoot to end their ordeal.

Unsurprisingly they just have to yell ‘I’m scared of the dark’.

Publicity for the show declares: ‘To prove their mettle, each of the celebrities will take on a series of challenges designed to test either their primal fear of total darkness or their ability to function in the pitch black.

‘Those that fail at their challenges will have to take on herculean tasks to save their place on the show.

‘Each celebrity will be motivated to conquer their fears because at the end only one will step out into the light as series winner.

‘Will being in in the dark form trust amongst the group, or will the overwhelming fear of being in the darkness cause them to crumble leaving them begging for the lights to be turned on?’

Clinical psychiatrist Dr. Tharaka Gunarathne is supervising the series and the participants.

He said: ‘One the hardest challenges the celebrities face is dealing with the unknown; their psychological sense of uncertainty is at an all-time high.

‘When you can’t see, your brain fills in the blanks and often imagines the worse. When you switch off the lights your ability to stay safe is suddenly threatened and that is what makes this particularly frightening’

Scared of the Dark is produced by ITV Studios label, MultiStory Media, from an original idea by Possessed, and was commissioned for Channel 4 by Tom Beck, Head of Live Events with Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment and Events.

Executive Producers on the series are Glenn Hugill, Simone Haywood and Jon Cahn.

The series was commissioned from Channel 4’s Global Format Fund, the ringfenced spend designed to stimulate the creation of original new formats from UK-based indies for UK and International audiences. ITV Studios will handle global distribution.

It starts on Sunday April 16 at 9pm.

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