Important and interesting components of a miner farm

November 29, 2023

How to choose a motherboard for your home farm

Although the video card is the main element of any mining farm, it is far from the only one. So, for example, the choice of the motherboard is also important. This determines how well and for how long the farm will work, how many video cards can simultaneously connect to it (which, accordingly, will affect the amount of profit from mining).

Several parameters are important for choosing a motherboard for mining:

  • Number of PCI-E slots. For lack of options, you can use motherboards with 2-3 connectors, but for mining, for example, bitcoin, this may not be enough. The best option is to buy a board for 4-6 “outputs”. For those who afford space and funds, there are cards with up to 13 slots.
  • Equipment specialization. It is better to choose a motherboard that is designed specifically for mining. Such devices are marked “BTC” in the name, do not have unnecessary (unnecessary in the process of mining) functions, but they are equipped with a reinforced power supply subsystem of ports and a greater thickness of the boards used.

How to choose a power supply for your home farm

Building a cryptocurrency mining rig (especially if several powerful video cards are involved in it at once) is a very voracious and energy-consuming thing. To “feed” such a device, you will need to choose a high-quality power supply that can withstand heavy loads and support the system without interruptions.

What is the best power supply for mining?

Usually one of three solutions is used:

  • One power supply unit ATX (Advanced Technology Extended). For a small farm, a power of 1000 watts or more will be enough. It is convenient to mount such a block; it does not need additional synchronizers. Pay attention to the number of connectors for connecting video cards – the size of the future mining farm will depend on this.
  • Two synchronized power supplies. They differ from the previous version in that they give more power – accordingly, they allow you to assemble a large farm.
  • Server power supply. It has a large output power and internal resource, but requires soldering for installation in a farm. When choosing this component, it should be borne in mind that it often does not have any additional power connectors, is noisy and costs several times more.
  • It is important to remember that the more video cards are connected, the more powerful cooling systems are needed and more power to power all this.

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RAM for a home farm

As a rule, there are no special requirements for RAM in a mining farm. To assemble a small farm and save money, one RAM strip for about 2-4 gigabytes will be enough. This will be enough for convenient mining without taking into account the frequency and speed of the bus.

Nevertheless, if you wish, you can purchase more advanced RAM or install, for example, two sticks larger than four gigabytes.