I'm a Dollar Tree expert – You’ll save money on name-brand items if you DON'T buy them at discount store | The Sun

I'm a Dollar Tree expert – You’ll save money on name-brand items if you DON'T buy them at discount store | The Sun

July 17, 2022

A DOLLAR Tree expert has dished the dirt on how to bag a bargain on name-brand items – if you DON'T buy them at the discount store.

Customers often believe they are getting a steal at the budget shop, but may be actually paying more than they should.

Shoppers at the renowned retailer have been warned to be wary of what they pick up while whizzing down the aisles.

As although you may think you have saved some cash, you could be forking out more for your favorite brands.

That's because certain labels are not as well priced as you may think.

Michael Bonebright, former senior editor at DealNews.com, has revealed grocery stores usually have better deals than the likes of Dollar Tree.

He explained: "Dollar stores typically offer brand-name items, but in smaller quantities than you’d see at the grocery store.

"This means you can end up overpaying per ounce or per count.

"For example, Dollar General offers a 22-ounce bottle of Lysol All Purpose Cleaner for $2, but Walmart has a 32-ounce bottle of the same product for just a few cents more."

So to get more for your money, it's best to check out the labels and size of the item to ensure you secure the best deal.

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We previously told how a shopping superfan revealed the 10 items you should avoid picking up at Dollar Tree.

Sarah, who goes by sensationalfinds on TikTok, recently posted a video about what Dollar Tree items to buy and which ones to bypass.

She told other discount fans to avoid shampoo, flip flops, batteries and trash bags and instead suggested money-saving alternatives.

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Another Dollar Tree lover also gave her opinion on the items that are no longer worth a dollar.

After they upped their items to $1.25 a piece, bargain shopper Liz Fenwick urged customers to reconsider their usual buys.

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