I was barred from a restaurant for wearing an 'inappropriate' CROP TOP on the hottest day of the year – I'm humiliated | The Sun

I was barred from a restaurant for wearing an 'inappropriate' CROP TOP on the hottest day of the year – I'm humiliated | The Sun

June 20, 2022

A MUM claims she was barred from a restaurant for wearing a crop top on the hottest day of the year.

Emma Prince was left feeling humiliated after staff allegedly told her she couldn't eat inside or outside while wearing the "inappropriate" clothing – despite it being a sweltering 32C on Friday.

The 34-year-old says she was made to cover up and shown to a table directly in the sun where she ordered a burger for herself and a bowl of macaroni cheese for her two-year-old daughter. 

But she was shocked to discover that "loads" of other customers at Wolverton House Stonehouse Pizza & Carvery in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, were wearing "next to nothing" in the beer garden. 

Children were reportedly running around in their nappies while their mums wore "denim hot pants" and dads went shirtless – but still she had to wear her satin Adidas shirt. 

And Emma's friend Danielle Fitzgerald, whom she was having dinner with, was also wearing a crop top but didn't have to layer up as "the straps on her vest were thicker".


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A spokesperson for Wolverton House said: “Any decisions on dress code is down to the discretion of the restaurant’s manager.

“We would like to apologise for the delay experienced with our service. Due to the weather, we had an incredibly busy day and our team was a lot busier than usual.”

Emma, a self-employed aesthetician, said: "I took my daughter to a pub garden for dinner after nursery on the hottest day of the year.

"I went to the bar to ask how to order food if you're sitting outside, and they looked at me up and down and said 'you're not coming in'.

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"I was told I was not allowed to be on the premises as I was wearing a bra. 

"I explained it was a crop top and it was 30C outside, but was told 'this is a restaurant and it's our policy'.

"I asked to see the policy but the manager just kept looking me up and down and saying 'that is not a top'."

Emma, from Milton Keynes, said her group were eventually given a table outside, but on the condition she kept her over-shirt on.

"I was incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassed because lots of people were looking, but we stayed for my daughter as she was hungry," she added.

Danielle and her son reportedly got their food within about 10 minutes, but the Princes were still waiting for theirs more than an hour later.

"I ordered her macaroni cheese and mashed potato at 6.20pm and by 7.20pm no one could tell me where the food was," Emma said. 

"We were made to wait over an hour in 32C heat. She is two years old and having to wait that long is absolutely disgusting.

"It was definitely deliberate. It was like they were taunting me, bringing out everybody else's meals but ours.

"It got to the point where I thought 'this is taking the p***, we can't wait any longer'."

I was incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassed because lots of people were looking.

After asking every waiter that walked by when their meals would be ready and getting nowhere, Emma said she gave up and decided to leave.

She was, however, offered a £25 refund but apparently not an apology.

Emma and her very hungry toddler then went to McDonald's for dinner at 8pm. 

But the mum's fury grew when she messaged the Stonehouse on Instagram about its dress code to discover it doesn't have one at all.

Emma said: "May I ask what your dress code policy is?," to which the chain replied: "The dress code is wear whatever you're comfortable in."

Emma responded: "So are crop tops allowed on hot days like yesterday?"

And Stonehouse came back with: "Yes – as long as you're staying nice and cool and comfortable, it's allowed."


Emma has now vowed never to return to the restaurant over the way she was treated.

"I am beyond annoyed and disgusted at the service I was given, the attitude of the manager, her discrimination against me and my attire," she said.

"I will never again go to Wolverton House again and I would encourage anybody who has children not to visit – or anybody who believes in human rights and the freedom to be able to wear a piece of clothing without being judged, looked down on or sneered at for that matter."

The Sun has approached the restaurant for comment.

Friday was officially the hottest day of 2022 so far, reaching a blistering 32.7C.

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