How killer who mouthed 'I enjoyed every minute' to family of girlfriend he beat to death exposed his guilt | The Sun

How killer who mouthed 'I enjoyed every minute' to family of girlfriend he beat to death exposed his guilt | The Sun

August 26, 2023

A KILLER who mouthed "I enjoyed every minute" to the family of the girlfriend he murdered exposed his guilt with chilling tell-tale signs.

Controlling Paul Hemming beat Natalie Hemming, 31, to death when she bravely decided to leave him after a decade of appalling abuse.

The monster then wrapped the mum-of-three's body in a blanket and buried her in a wooded area around 30 miles from their home in Milton Keynes.

Tragically, Natalie's son, then six, had woken up and witnessed the brutal murder through a gap in the door.

Hemming spun a twisted web of lies to cover up his gruesome crime before Natalie's body was discovered 21 days later in May 2016.

Documentary Faking It on Discovery+ has now explored the murder and how Hemming gave away his guilt when being interviewed by police.

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He can be seen answering "alright" when asked to describe his nine-year relationship with Natalie.

Body language expert Dr Cliff Lansley says the "fairly reasonable question" would be fine for anyone innocent but Hemming appears to be having "a lot of trouble" with it.

He said: "We get tension in the legs, you’ll see the legs are relaxed and outward, but he’s tightening them up and pulling them into the settee. He’s almost anchoring himself into the settee here.

"You’ll also see a gestural retreat, where he’s moving backwards. If you look at his shoulders, he’s leaning back away from the officer, and this is something that we do when we feel under attack.”

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As the interview continues, an officer asks if Hemming could hand over his mobile phone, which the killer refuses as he claims Natalie might try to ring him.

Dr Lansley says he can be seen giving a "contradiction" when he makes the claim as she gives a "micro headshake".

The expert adds: "He’s saying Natalie may call him, but his body is saying ‘no she won’t’."

Natalie was killed "in a fit of rage and jealousy" when Hemming discovered she had met someone new and was planning to leave him and take the children.

The killer tried to use this information to throw officers off the scent by blaming Natalie's lover for her disappearance.

He then bursts into tears as he falsely suggests the new man had raped his partner and should be made a prime suspect.

But Dr Lansley said: "There are no tears. There’s no dampness around his eyes at any point. But one way to get the tears rolling is to irritate the eyes by poking them. He has a couple of attempts.

"He pokes with his sleeve and squeezes his eyes to try and squeeze the juice out to run down his cheek.

"That kind of manipulation of the eyeballs to create the illusion of sadness isn’t working for him. It’s just part of the act.”

On May 1, 2016, carpet salesman Hemming battered Natalie to death at their family home.

The following day, he bundled Natalie's naked body into the boot of his car and drove the 30 miles to Toms Wood in Hertfordshire.

Once there, he dragged her corpse through thick undergrowth and lay her face down beneath the trees.

Hemming then took the three children to Whipsnade Zoo for a day out after claiming their mum had left when they were sleeping.

In a bid to cover up the crime, he sent text messages to Natalie's phone expressing his worry at her disappearance.

When quizzed by cops, he claimed he hadn't left the house on the night of Natalie's murder but was presented with a smoking gun – ANPR footage of his car being driven.

Dr Lansley says Hemming reveals his guilt at the "mic-drop" moment as he displays a huge spike in his anxiety levels.

The expert adds: "You can see the swelling. Not only can we see it swell but it’s popping out here to tell us his blood pressure has increased.

"His pulse is working at about 130bpm. You wouldn’t have a blood pressure high enough to pop your veins out and to give you 130bpm unless you’re doing strenuous physical exercise. He’s sat in a chair. So what else creates that? Fear.”

Hemming was jailed for life with a minimum of 20 years in November 2016 after being convicted of murder.

Chillingly, the killer looked over at Natalie's mum and sister as he was jailed and mouthed: "I enjoyed every minute.”

Sentencing, Judge Richard Foster said: "Natalie Hemming knew, you were overbearing, controlling, jealous and on occasions violent. You said you would mend your ways but you did not.

"The manner in which you have conducted yourself since the murder indicates a complete lack of remorse."

  • Faking It series 7 is available to stream on discovery+ weekly from Monday 21 st August

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