Horror pic shows boy just moments before he drowns in swimming pool as adults don’t notice him for over a minute | The Sun

Horror pic shows boy just moments before he drowns in swimming pool as adults don’t notice him for over a minute | The Sun

August 16, 2022

A HORROR pic shows a boy jumping into a swimming pool just moments before he drowned – without anyone noticing.

The tragic youngster was submerged underwater for over a minute at the facility in the city of Lianyuan, China, on August 14.

Despite diving into the water that was already filled with numerous adults and other kids, the boy's ordeal went unnoticed by other pool-goers.

Chilling CCTV footage shows the excited lad dive into the pool near some steps, just a short distance away from other swimmers.

But his innocent dip soon turned deadly, as the boy can be seen visibly distressed as he struggled to keep his head above water.

He frantically flails his arms in a bid to reach the surface, while a man in a white t-shirt monitors the pool from the sidelines.


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It is currently unclear if he was a lifeguard at the facility.

The youngster, who has not been named, continues to fight for breath while desperately splashing around in the water.

Another child approaches the edge of the pool and witnesses his struggle – but simply dips his feet in before walking away.

Other swimmers can be seen milling around the pool for over a minute, while the boy fights to stay afloat.

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But he eventually exhaustedly sinks to the bottom of the pool.

He is horrifically slumped underwater when the bloke in the white t-shirt finally notices his lifeless body after switching his position.

However, instead of heroically jumping in to save the child, he bizarrely points to the boy and shouts to someone on the other side of the pool.

The disturbing footage then captures another man sprinting around to the young lad and diving in to retrieve him.

Another man also jumps in to help save the youngster before the pair haul his boy out of the water as the video ends.

Further traumatic scenes ensued, as lifeguards desperately tried to resuscitate the boy while a woman sobs on the floor next to him.

It is unclear if the woman was his mother.

Despite the first aiders efforts, the young boy reportedly died after drowning in the packed pool.

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Local officials quoted by Chinese media said that the swimming pool has been closed.

It is understood that an investigation into the incident has been launched. It is unclear if any arrests have been made.

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