George and Amal Clooney's back garden flooded at £20m mansion

George and Amal Clooney's back garden flooded at £20m mansion

November 24, 2023

George and Amal Clooney’s back garden at £20m riverside mansion is submerged underwater after bouts of heavy rain spark flooding

George and Amal Clooney’s sprawling £20 million Berkshire mansion has been blighted by flooding once again after bouts of heavy rain. 

Aerial photos show the manicured gardens at the Sonning estate starting to succumb to flood waters. 

The Ocean’s Eleven Hollywood star, 62, and his lawyer wife, 45, first moved into the picturesque postcard country estate in 2016.

But the 17th century property has been beset with flooding problems due to it being close to the banks of the Thames. 

Heavy rainfall has caused flooding on the luscious lawn of the Clooneys’ £20 million Berkshire mansion in Sonning

The 17-th century Grade II-listed property has been blighted by flooding due to it being close to the banks of the Thames 

The Clooneys were hit by flooding in January when the tennis court, veranda and most of the previously luscious lawn was submerged by filthy flood water from the nearby river. 

It came just under a year after heavy rainfall caused muddy waters to flood gardens. 

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The UK has been battered by a raft of storms in recent months, with Babet, Cairan, and Debi leaving behind a path of devastation.  

The couple snapped up their Grade II-listed mansion on a five-acre island near Sonning, Berkshire, for a reported £10 million in September 2014, days before their wedding at Venice’s Aman Canal Grande hotel.

After an extensive 18-month refurbishment costing several million pounds, the nine-bedroom, ivy-covered manor house, which is protected from prying eyes by a row of willow trees, today boasts a large swimming pool and pool house, a grand terrace, a boat house, an astroturf tennis court and a 12-seater cinema. 

George and Amal moved to Sonning after finishing their renovations around a year before the birth of their twins, Ella and Alexander, in June 2017. 

However, locals told MailOnline in September the couple had not been seen in the village for almost two years.

George Clooney, 62, and his lawyer wife Amal, 45, are rumoured to be living elsewhere having not been seen in the village for the last two years

The Clooneys’ home pictured in January when many rivers and canals across the UK burst their banks after huge amounts of rain 

Flooding hit a number of areas around the Clooneys’ home as seen in aerial photographs of the surrounding countryside

The property was bought by the Clooneys in 2014 and the couple moved in after an 18-month refurbishment

A nearby neighbour, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: ‘They used to be around much more, but they’ve not been seen for over two years or so as far as I know.

‘It’s fairly common knowledge that this isn’t where they live any more, at least not permanently. They’re never here.’

A source close to the family said the couple are now splitting their time between Italy and the US.

They are thought to be most often at Villa Oleandra, an 18th Century pile on the shore of Lake Como.

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