Far right demonstrators demand government overturns immigration policy

Far right demonstrators demand government overturns immigration policy

September 24, 2022

Far right demonstrators demand British government overturns its immigration policy as Met police make arrest and keep them apart from ‘anti-fascist’ counter-demo

  • Hundreds turn out for pro-Putin, anti-immigration march by Patriots for Britain
  • ‘National Housing Party UK’ seeks to boot migrants off council home waiting list
  • But one observer spotted beer can dumped next to Winston Churchill statue
  • And rival anti-fascist counter-demonstration is forced apart by Met Police
  • One far-right campaigner arrested for filming on top of tour bus before release 

The Metropolitan Police have arrested one man and are seeking to keep apart rival demonstrations of far-right protesters and anti-fascists in Westminster.

Pro-Putin and Tommy Robinson-aligned group ‘Patriots for Britain’ held an anti-immigration march at Parliament Square from midday.

Anti-fascists (known as ‘Antifa’), meanwhile, gathered at nearby Marsham Street to protest at the Home Office just yards away.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman told MailOnline: ‘We are aware of a planned protest today in central London.

‘A policing plan is in place with officers in attendance. Officers are taking measures to ensure the two groups are kept separate.’ 

Scores of far-right protesters gathered in Westminster today, wielding anti-immigrant slogans

Met Police officers worked to stop the group reaching an anti-fascist crowd at the Home Office

Police confirmed one man was arrested for vehicle interference after climbing onto a bus at Parliament Square. 

He was removed from the scene and eventually released without charge.

Footage posted by ‘National Housing Party’ (NHP) press officer Pat McGinnis showed the man filming from on top a London tour bus as bewildered passengers looked on.

Another image showed a Patriots for Britain sign perched against Winston Churchill’s statue at Parliament Square – with a beer can and an empty plastic bag left next to it.

The far-right NHP has aligned with Tommy Robinson and in favour of Putin’s war in Ukraine.

McGinnis tweeted last week: ‘The Globalist banks are dragging us into a war with Russia.’

His group, which also has links to Britain First, supports withdrawing from the 1951 Refugee Convention.

A can of Strongbow and an empty plastic bag sit below the Winston Churchill statue

The UN agreement secures the right of people to seek asylum from persecution abroad.

NHP supports imprisoning illegal immigrants for three years and removing migrants from social housing waiting lists.

Both proposals are violations of the Refugee Convention, the Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights, which was written in part by Churchill himself.

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