EXCLUSIVE: Salesman behind bars for Christmas after DUSTER attack

EXCLUSIVE: Salesman behind bars for Christmas after DUSTER attack

December 16, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Door-to-door salesman attacks homeowner with a DUSTER because he refused to buy anything from him as he now faces Christmas behind bars

  • Sonny Brewitt, 20, attacked 30-year-old Fenn Settle on his house doorstep 
  • Brewitt erupted into a foul-mouth tirade after Mr Settle refused to buy anything 
  • He has been sentenced to 14 weeks in custody at a young offenders’ institution 

A door-to-door salesman faces Christmas behind bars after attacking and launching a foul-mouthed onslaught on a homeowner with a duster.

Shocked Fenn Settle was attacked for refusing to buy anything after he came to speak to offender Sonny Brewitt after he had been abusive to his girlfriend.

The couple said they both told the 20-year-old they were not interested in buying the household items he was selling, but the salesman lost his temper and attacked.

Brewitt of Kingston-upon-Hull was sentenced to 14 weeks at a young offenders institution on Wednesday. 

The incident was caught on the homeowner’s own doorbell camera, as well as one across the street

In doorbell footage Brewitt can be seen aiming a punch at Mr Settle, 30, and then said he was going to hit him.

In the video Brewitt can be heard saying: ‘I’ll punch your f*****g head in mate’ before rapidly becoming very aggressive. 

He told Mr Settle to ‘come off your drive’ as he stripped off his jacket, appearing to challenge him to a fight.

He then branded Mr Settle a ‘fat c**t’ and said he was going to get some scissors.

Brewitt then whacked the financial advisor with a green duster on a pole and repeatedly called him a ‘f*****g d*v.’

In the video – captured on footage from his doorstep and from his neighbour’s doorbell over the road – Mr Settle can be seen holding his arm out to protect himself before the man throws a fake punch.

Brewitt said: ‘Honestly mate, I’ll leather you. I’ll grab some scissors out of this bag.

‘You are a fat c**t mate.’

Brewitt can be seen aiming a punch at Mr Settle, 30, and then said he was going to hit him

The salesman then went to take off his jacket as he shouted at Mr Settle to ‘come off your drive’ to fight

Brewitt repeatedly called Mr Settle a ‘f*****g d*v’ as he became increasingly aggressive

As Brewitt approached with the metal pole duster, Mr Settle could be heard saying ‘Call the police, call the police’.

Brewitt then hit Mr Settle with the duster, yelling: ‘You f*****g d*v, don’t talk to me like a f*****g idiot,’ he added.

‘I’ve had enough of you. Don’t ever speak to someone like that you d*v.’

Brewitt threw the duster so hard it ended up 10ft inside Fenn’s house in North Hykeham, Lincoln, Lincolnshire on 18 November.

Police were called to the scene and Brewitt was arrested and charged with assault by beating, public order (section 4) and acting without a pedlar’s licence.

The public order offence was using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour with intent to cause that person to believe that immediate unlawful violence would be used against them by any person.

He was remanded in custody and appeared in court the next day where he admitted all three offences. 

Brewitt, of Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire was sentenced at Hull magistrates court.

He was given 14 weeks custody in a young offenders institution and ordered to pay Mr Fenn £156.

Brewitt later grabbed a green duster on a metal pole from his bag as he continued shouting at the couple

The footage court the moment he violently hit Mr Settle on the head with the duster

Reliving the ordeal, Mr Fenn said: ‘I was upstairs on the phone to my mum, expecting an Amazon delivery so my partner Nicola went to answer the door.

‘My other half said “No thanks” and went to shut the door. He shouted at her.

‘I went down at this point, he properly lost it. He came at me with one of those telescopic dusters on a metal pole, hit me round the head with that.’

Mr Fenn added: ‘I’m not bothered for myself, I’m a 20-stone ex-rugby player.

‘But there’s plenty of single women and pensioners near where I live, it’s a peaceful, quiet area.

Mr Fenn saidhe  was left with a little cut on his arm and a bump on his head.

Of the sentence, he added: ‘I think it’s really sad that he’s not going to spend Christmas and New Year with his family due to his actions.

‘My concern was less for me than for my neighbours, many of whom are elderly.’

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