Dog saves OAP owner from kangaroo in 45min fight where beast tried to DROWN pet | The Sun

Dog saves OAP owner from kangaroo in 45min fight where beast tried to DROWN pet | The Sun

October 20, 2022

AN elderly woman who was attacked by a kangaroo has told how her life was saved by her heroic pet Rottweiler.

Pam Baldwin, 71, from Albury, Australia recalled how her faithful pooch Bundy helped to protect her after she encountered the wild animal during a walk.

As she enjoyed her stroll in Nail Can Hill, the woman was pounced upon by the vicious roo which knocked her to the ground and left her arm needing stiches.

But when her loyal companion caught wind of his owner’s grave situation, he launched into action and chased the kangaroo away.

Ms Baldwin described how the roo tried to drown her canine near a dam as the pair battled for 45 minutes.

They were eventually saved by paramedics after Pam alerted nearby ramblers who called emergency services.

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Speaking on a local radio show, Ms Baldwin said she was aware of something behind her before she was thrown to the ground by the beast.

“I just got this feeling someone was behind me and I turned around and went "oh…" and he [the kangaroo] was just looking me in the face and next minute he went bang. I gave him a few choice words and then I hit the ground,” Ms Baldwin told 3AW.

“I don’t know if I blacked out or he knocked me out but I remember Bundy coming and jumping over the top of me and chasing the kangaroo away.

“He was protecting me, he chased it away.

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“Bundy fought the kangaroo for about 45 minutes. He wouldn't let the kangaroo come near me.”

Ms Baldwin later described the state of her injured pooch when he was rescued – believing he must have been about 20 seconds from certain death.

Shocked witnesses believed the huge kangaroo was at least six foot tall.

The recovering pensioner added that the aggressive encounter may have correlated with the kangaroo mating season – admitting it wasn’t the first time she had encountered a vicious one.

“I had an encounter with another roo a couple of times last year and he used to hide in the grass and you'd be walking along and the bloody thing would jump up at you,” she said.

She also admitted that it was perhaps time to find another place to walk her faithful pooch following the frightful incident.


Kangaroos might seem outwardly docile but when the creatures go rogue the consequences can be devastating.

With the ability to floor humans with a single punch and razor sharp claws. as well as vice-like jaws, the beasts have a savage side to them.

The mighty marsupials have powerful back legs that allow them to leap 30 ft and travel at 35mph.

But their legs and claws can also be used for fighting each other – and for battering humans.

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A kick from a kangaroo is easily enough to floor a human and the blow can leave deep gashes.

The Sun has compiled a list of some the world’s worst kangaroo attacks.

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