DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Tough talk on borders won't cut it any more

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Tough talk on borders won't cut it any more

July 25, 2022

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Tough talk on borders won’t cut it any more

The word ‘shambles’ is overused. But it perfectly describes Britain’s broken immigration and asylum system.

From the dispiriting failure to deport thousands of dangerous foreign criminals to record numbers crossing the Channel, every day our border security regime is exposed as inadequate beyond belief.

Recognising this as a crucial battleground, Tory leadership contender Liz Truss says if she becomes prime minister she will explore ‘all possible tactics’ to attack the problems. Her rival Rishi Sunak, meanwhile, has unveiled a ten-point plan to make illegal entry into Britain more difficult.

The two Tort leadership candidates, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, have both said they will be tough on immigration

We wish them well with their ideas. The trouble is, we’ve heard tough government talk so many times and nothing changes.

Indeed, look no further than our chilling investigation, starting on page 14. Shadowy gangs are fuelling illegal immigration by selling fake British passports online. They even use pictures of the Queen to advertise the bogus documents to illicit customers.

Sophisticated enough to dupe UK border controls, the passports allow potential terrorists, criminals and others to slip into the country – putting the public in danger.

The first duty of any government is to keep citizens safe. At present those citizens are being failed abysmally.

NHS needs surgery

It is a great paradox. Defenders of the NHS, including politicians of all parties, tell us it offers unsurpassed service. Yet they also routinely tell us that it is falling apart.

Waiting lists are simply dreadful. You might see a GP over Zoom if you’re fortunate. Maternity services are creaking. And, as a report by MPs claims today, a staffing crisis is putting patient safety at risk.

Paramedics have been forced to spend their whole shifts in the backs of ambulances outside Cornwall’s main hospital this month 

Labour shriek that the Government is starving the NHS of cash, yet successive Tory prime ministers have poured in record sums. Despite this, it is still seemingly better at killing off patients than the health services of comparable countries.

How can this be? The truth is, too often extra funding is not invested in more doctors and nurses or clearing backlogs, but spent on pumping up managers’ pay cheques and hiring clipboard-wielding ‘diversity’ coordinators. The concept of eliminating waste and inefficiency seems alien to it.

Instead of treating the NHS with uncritical veneration, we urgently need an open discussion on how to radically reform this increasingly unpopular, socialist monolith.

Bash Britain brigade

As sure as eggs is eggs, Remain fundamentalists blame any problem befalling this country on one thing: Brexit.

This time, they claim the border chaos at Dover – with horrendous queues and travellers to the Continent forced to sleep in their cars – wouldn’t have happened if we’d stayed in the EU.

Cars were stuck in six-hour-long queues at the check-in at the Port of Dover in Kent last week

There is just one problem with this analysis. It’s hogwash. Since Britain was never in the open-borders Schengen area, the French have always checked our passports.

In fact, the misery was caused because France – possibly seeking to punish us for Brexit as the summer holiday season gets into full swing – refused to put enough staff on its immigration desks.

But why would Remainers let the facts get in the way of their horror story? That would give them one less opportunity to bash Britain for leaving their beloved anti-democratic bloc.

  • If disgraced Martin Bashir hadn’t deceived and manipulated Princess Diana into giving her 1995 Panorama interview (dishonesty the BBC despicably covered up) she might still be alive. Her brother believes this ‘criminal behaviour’ triggered the chain of events that ultimately led to her death. He is right to demand Scotland Yard investigate the broadcaster. Those involved should be in the dock.

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