Brit who ran off with Ukraine refugee invites ANOTHER woman into home

Brit who ran off with Ukraine refugee invites ANOTHER woman into home

July 21, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Her boyfriend better watch out! Brit father who dumped his partner to run off with a Ukrainian refugee ten days after she moved into the family home invites ANOTHER woman from the same country to share their new lovenest

  • EXCLUSIVE: Brit who left partner for Ukrainian invites refugees into his home
  • Tony Garnett was with Lorna for 10 years before leaving her for Sofiia Karkadym 
  • Ms Karkadym came to stay with the Garnett family after Russia’s invasion
  • They are now sharing home with  Sofiia Rastorhuieva and Illia Tronevych
  • Sofiia and Illia said they were being booted out of Bradford home 

A British father who left his partner to run off for a Ukrainian refugee 10 days after she moved into his family home has moved another young woman from the same country to live with them.

Security guard Tony Garnett dumped Lorna Garnett, the mother of their two daughters, for Sofiia Karkadym, 22.

Now heavily tattooed jobless father-of-two Tony and Sofia have set up a new home that they are renting together in Bradford, west Yorkshire, and are sharing their place with a second refugee who is also called Sofia and her boyfriend.

Last week the lovebirds saw an internet plea for help from Sofiia Rastorhuieva and her boyfriend Illia Tronevych who had arrived as refugees from Ukraine on June 23.

Security guard Tony Garnett left his partner of ten years for Ukrainian refugee Sofiia Karkadym after 10 days of her living with them. Now Tony and Sofia (right) have invited Ukrainian refugees Sofiia Rastorhuieva and her boyfriend Illia Tronevych (left) to live with them

Sofiia Rastorhuieva and Illia Tronevych were living with another family in Bradford, having arrived in the UK. But when it didn’t work out they were looking for somewhere else to live

Tony, 29, hit the headlines when he left the mother of his two children, 28-year-old Lorna Garnett (pictured) for Sofiia, 22, who moved in with them after fleeing war in Ukraine 

Ms Rastorhuieva, 19 and her boyfriend, 18, placed an appeal on Facebook stating they were being booted out of the Bradford home they had been invited into by a British family after fleeing Ukraine.

She said: ‘I am glad that Tony and Sofiia have come to help us. We were very unhappy at that place.

‘We have been told off for leaving doors open and letting the cats escape. It has been very hot and we were not even allowed to open the windows in case the cats escaped.

‘We only had one small sofa bed to sleep on and it was very uncomfortable.

‘We had to do their washing, the laundry and clean the place for them. We just didn’t feel right there.

‘We had nowhere to go. We are refugees from Ukraine. My hometown is Kremenchuk the same place where the Russians bombed a mall and killed many people last month.

Lovebirds Sofiia and Tony are renting a place in Bradford after Tony left his family home

‘It is very dangerous there. We new the Russians were close and our parents asked us to leave for our safety. Illia and I went to Warsaw and then we came here at Leeds Bradford Airport.

‘We thought we would be happy, but it has been very difficult for us. We know this is a great country with nice people and we love it here in Yorkshire.

‘We wanted to stay because we could be killed if we go back because the situation in Ukraine is very bad.

‘I was taught English at school and have seen pictures of Big Ben, the red buses and the red telephone boxes since I was a child and I want to see them for real. I also want to have a proper English breakfast which I’ve heard so much about.’

Illia, who worked in a coffee shop as a barista, added : ‘We were very unhappy at the place we were staying.

‘We need some comfort and we also need some understanding right now.

‘It was a very nice thing for Tony and Sofiia to do to invite us into their home. ‘

Tony, who has received a barrage of online abuse over his relationship with Sofiia, said: ‘I know people see me as this sort of cheeky chappy who hops from bed to bed because I left my partner Lorna and two daughters.

‘Nothing could be further from the truth. My relationship with Lorna had broken down for some years and we were living as brother and sister.

‘Since Sofiia arrived I have managed to smile a lot and be happy again. I’m going to make her my wife.

‘People keep telling me that I’m some sort of celebrity now and that I should go on Love Island because I’ve got thousands more of Instagram followers and all that.

‘But why would I want to do that when I’ve got lovely Sofiia who I intend to marry and have children with when the time is right?

‘If you go on Love Island you are looking for love. I’ve already found it in her.

Tony and Sofiia say that they are happier than ever together and even want to start a family – if Tony can reverse the vasectomy he had after he fathered his two children with his ex

Tony and Sofiia invited the other Sofiia and her boyfriend Illia to live with them after seeing their appeal for accommodation in the UK on the internet 

‘People have been give me a lot of slagging off and there’s going to be those who said I am going to try it on with the new Sofiia. But I am not that type of man. These keyboards cowards will have a go at me and then hide.

‘Just because I have begun a new relationship with a Ukrainian refugee doesn’t give anyone the right to disrespect me.

‘I am in love with my lady and to those who write crap about me I say ‘ What are you doing for Ukraine?’

He added: ‘ I am all about humanity and kindness and when I saw that these two Ukrainians needed help. I sat down and spoke with Sofiia about it.

‘I asked her if she thought it might be a good idea to let them live with us for awhile as we have a second room.

‘It’s not ideal because I don’t have a lot of money myself and I need a job. But we need to help others.’

His girlfriend added: ‘I am getting better at my English and I’m beginning to understand the Yorkshire accent. But it is good for me to have two people living with us who speak Ukrainian so I don’t feel so lonely and miss home.

‘I worry a lot about my family, about whether they might be killed or injured by the Russians.

 Tony says he and his new love have incurred a torrent of hateful abuse online over their decision, while some people threatened to try and get Sofiia deported

IT manager Sofiia (pictured) is now renting a property in Bradford with Tony after he left his partner and kids

‘Now I’m able to talk in Ukrainian and we can discuss how our country needs help and what we can do.

‘Speaking in my own language has helped me quite a lot and they become my friends so quickly.’

Illia added: ‘We both want to work. But we cannot get jobs as we do not have national insurance numbers. There is no chance of us getting any credit or debit cards. But we want to work and earn our money when we can and as soon as we can.’

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