Birmingham is crowned Britain's luckiest place to win a the lottery

Birmingham is crowned Britain's luckiest place to win a the lottery

June 6, 2023

Birmingham is crowned Britain’s luckiest place to win a National Lottery jackpot with more than 200 winners – but does your hometown feature in the top 10?

  • The Lottery has payed out a total of £90bn in prize money to winners in the UK 
  • Birmingham has been crowned the luckiest postcode with 205 payouts  

Birmingham is officially the luckiest place in the UK to win the National Lottery jackpot, according to figures. 

Since the draw began in 1994, there have been 6,800 jackpot payouts and 205 of them have been from the West Midlands city.

A total of £90bn in prize money has been paid out to lucky winners across the UK since Noel Edmonds hosted the first episode.

Lottery organisers have revealed a list of lucky lottery postcodes. But where does your hometown feature? Read on to find out. 

Lottery organisers have revealed a list of the luckiest postcodes in the UK, the graph shows the number of millionaires created in each area since the first National Lottery draw in 1994.

Those living in Birmingham will be pleased to hear the city has the most big lottery wins, with the second-largest UK city receiving a total of 205 million pound payouts. 

Celeste Coles, a retired teacher who landed a £3.6m win in July 2022, is one of Birmingham’s big winners. 

Ms Coles rushed to get a ticket before the final draw on the National Lottery App and was ‘shocked’ when she realised the five main numbers and one Lucky Stars matched hers. 

Other winners in Birmingham include Dawn and Malcom Bosworth, who received a life-changing £5.8m in 2015.

The lucky postcode hails 31 more wins than Belfast who came second on the list with 174 millionaire payouts. 

Glasgow took third place at 158 wins, followed closely by Sheffield at 150 payouts. 

Newcastle and Liverpool tied for fifth place with 136 millionaires made in each city and Manchester placed sixth with slightly less at 133. 

In last place, Doncaster boasts 96 million pound cash windfalls. 

The first National Lottery draw was hosted by Noel Edmonds in 1994, since then there have been £90bn payouts for lucky prize winners

Noel Edmonds holding the first National Lottery prize numbers in 1994

Previous EuroMillions record holders Joe & Jess Thwaite won £184m in 2022, an anonymous winner has since beat them with a £195m payout

Birmingham received the same title in 2019, back when the National Lottery organisers revealed the luckiest postcodes to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

However, a lucky win doesn’t just include million pound payouts, more than 43,000 prizes of £50,000 or more have been handed out since the first draw. 

As revealed by the National Lottery’s Millionaire map, the Midlands maintains their lucky position with 934 millionaires and 6,377 winners of £50,000 and more.

The North West also scores well homing 820 millionaires and 5,395 winners of £50,000 plus prizes. 

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Placing last is Northern Ireland who hails 174 millionaire winners and 916 £50,000+ winners. 

According to the National Lottery organisers ‘luck lives in every corner of the UK,’ with 1 in 755 adults winning big in Romford Essex.

Placing second in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders, 1 in every 864 adults will win the life-changing sum and 1 in 875 in Cleveland, Yorkshire. 

The most recent Euromillions winner scored a huge payout in the May 5 Euromillions draw, the anonymous ticket holder received £46m. 

An anonymous Briton holds the record for the biggest Euromillions win and landed £195m in 2022. 

The previous record holders, Joe and Jess Thwaite won the £184m jackpot in May 2022. 

The parents of two received an email confirming their win the morning after buying their ticket.

The couple were reportedly in disbelief at the massive win, and had to count the digits before celebrating. 

Other big winners include Colin and Chris Weir who landed £161m in the Euromillions and Adrian and Gillian Bayford who scored £148.6m.

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