Yuga Labs Issues Grant to Create a CryptoPunks Newsletter

Yuga Labs Issues Grant to Create a CryptoPunks Newsletter

September 15, 2022

  • Yuga Labs has awarded the first CryptoPunks NFT grant to @ricgalbraith and @lorepunkdoteth to run a Punks-centric newsletter, Punks Post.  
  • The newsletter will capture important events and promote networking opportunities within the Punks community.
  • Once it goes live, fans can access Punks Post via two token-gated channels in the official Discord channel.
  • Yuga will also announce more grant opportunities for other NFT communities such as BAYC, MAYC, Meebits, and Otherside.

Meet Punks Post: The first-ever CryptoPunks newsletter funded by Yuga Labs

Yuga Labs, the Web3 firm behind Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks, has announced the first CryptoPunks NFT grant. Notably, this grant will help support the creation and maintenance of a Punks-centric newsletter – Punks Post.

According to Yuga, Punks Post will capture important events and promote networking opportunities within the Punks community. Two of its community members, @ricgalbraith and @lorepunkdoteth, have been awarded to work on this project. 

How can we access Punks Post, then? According to the team, the newsletter will be created and distributed via two new token-gated channels in the official CryptoPunks Discord channel.

Fans can submit news and networking opportunities to grant winners using the “community-newsletter-insights” channel. And the team will select relevant ones to be published bi-weekly on the “community-newsletter” channel every Thursday. Interested contributors should keep their eyes peeled as both channels are going live soon.

We’re excited to announce the first @cryptopunksNFTs grant to support the creation and maintenance of a Punks-centric newsletter. Grant awardees @ricgalbraith and @lorepunkdoteth will capture important events as well as promote networking opportunities. More info in 🧵

— Yuga Labs (@yugalabs) September 9, 2022

Yuga Labs aims to foster a thriving NFT community in the space

Although it is the first time CryptoPunks has awarded a grant to its community members, it is not the first grant coming from Yuga Labs.

The NFT firm has previously given out grants to multiple community-led projects, which helped amplify some of the fundamental pillars of Web3. For instance, Yuga’s very first grant recipient, @jenkinsthevalet, has created a thriving community in its own right.

With that, Yuga has promised to come up with a more formal program for these types of grants. It is looking to announce additional funding for more creative members from BAYC, MAYC, Punks, Meebits, and Otherside communities soon.

Punks have been making waves since Yuga’s acquisition

In March, BAYC creator Yuga Labs dropped the bomb by acquiring CryptoPunks and Meebits IP from Larva Labs. It’s a very much-welcomed move as holders of both NFT collections could finally enjoy the same commercial rights that BAYC owners have.

But it wasn’t until August that Yuga officially released the IP rights for both acquired collections. According to the new licensing agreement, Punks owners can commercialize their NFTs via the creation of derivative works. So it’s possible to create videos, movies, games, or businesses around your Punks as long as you have them in your possession.

Other than that, the Punks community has been making waves too. Just last month, the leading NFT collection teamed up with renowned luxury jewelry maker Tiffany Co. to launch NFTiffs. It is a collection of 250 digital passes allowing holders to receive custom-made pendants based on their Punks.

Admittedly, Yuga may be more active in ventures related to BAYC and Otherside for now. But even so, many can’t wait to see how the leading Web3 company can take Punks and Meebits to new heights in the future.

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