SupraOracles Goes Live on Ethereum, Polygon, Aptos and Four Other L1 Blockchain Testnets

SupraOracles Goes Live on Ethereum, Polygon, Aptos and Four Other L1 Blockchain Testnets

October 11, 2022

Continuing to unveil their growing technology stack, today SupraOracles announces the official launch of its Alpha Testnet. SupraOracles provides a next-generation cross-chain  solution so smart contracts and blockchain apps work better and is elevating a new standard for the Oracle industry, deploying fully auditable and accurate streaming data feeds with 2-5 second finality.

In preparation of this Alpha Testnet, SupraOracles has graciously received gas subsidies and support from seven leading chains. SupraOracles Alpha Testnet is now publishing Oracle data to seven different major blockchains’ testing environments, including various Layer 1s and Layer 2s each minute.

Following their Oracle service will be their Confidential VRF (Verifiable Random Function) service, which utilizes novel cryptography to ensure unbiased, privacy-preserving, fair randomness generation to power NFTs, GameFi, and more. Node operators interested in participating in the Incentivized Beta Testnet should reach out on Discord.

To utilize SupraOracles today, developers can review deployments on seven prominent blockchains: Aptos, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Binance, Ethereum, Optimism, and Polygon. Additional ecosystems will be serviced in the months to come; including, but not limited to: Algorand, Fantom, Harmony, ImmutableX, Moonbeam, Solana, StarkWare, and Sui.

SupraOracles welcomes developers from any of these ecosystems to dive into the latest documentation in order to start integrating today. Bug bounties await the most eager participants.

The road to Supra Mainnet is upon us. SupraOracles is working with accelerators such as Brinc and Plug and Play to award cutting-edge blockchain projects its exclusive SNAP (Supra Network Activation Program) credits. SNAP Partners will receive up to two years’ worth of oracle and VRF/RNG expenses complimentarily once SupraOracles goes live on Mainnet.

SNAP aims to help promising Web3 projects more easily achieve scale. There are also other beneficial incentive packages following the initial discount window. As SNAP is in high demand, apply here before all the slots are booked (acceptance into the program is not guaranteed).

To get the latest updates first, and to speak directly with the team, join Supra’s Discord today to watch for new drops coming frequently — as the build-up to the Mainnet’s crescendo continues.

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