Kinesis Gold and Silver Tradeable on Emirex Exchange

Kinesis Gold and Silver Tradeable on Emirex Exchange

April 13, 2023

London, United Kingdom, April 13th, 2023, Chainwire

Kinesis Money, the digital asset trading and payment services platform, has listed its native gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) – digital currencies backed 1:1 by physical gold and silver bullion – on the Emirex exchange.

The addition of Kinesis gold and silver to the Emirex exchange brings greater accessibility to precious metals at a pivotal time. With uncertainty around crypto regulations and the destabilization of major currencies affecting market confidence, investors globally are turning, once again, to the economic security of physical gold. 

The listing on Dubai-based Emirex introduces Shariah-compliant physical precious metals to the thriving, predominantly Muslim, middle-eastern markets. The market has a long-established history within the precious metals industry, with gold ownership in the Arab world increasing in recent years. A collective 1,200 tonnes is now held in central bank vaults across the Middle Eastern region. 

Through the Emirex listing, traders and investors can now buy, sell and trade physical gold and silver through Kinesis gold and silver pairs: (KAG/USDT, KAG/ETH & KAU/USDT, KAU/ETH) outside of the Kinesis platform. Kinesis’ native stablecoins enable users to liquidate more volatile assets, such as cryptocurrencies and fiat-based stablecoins, into the time-tested value of precious metals at any time.

The listing provides an entry point for Emirex users to transfer their Kinesis gold and silver onto the Kinesis platform and access the transaction fee-based yields of the Kinesis Monetary System. On the platform, users receive a monthly return for holding, trading and spending their gold and silver-backed digital currencies. 

Additionally, users on the Kinesis platform can access the global utility of their assets with the Kinesis Virtual Card. The card makes gold, silver and a range of cryptocurrencies available to spend, with real-time fiat conversion, at over 80 million locations globally. The most globally available crypto card on the market, the Kinesis Virtual Card, is accessible to over one billion people in 61 countries across Latin America, Europe, the UK, Canada, and Oceania.

The gold and silver traded on Emirex can also be redeemed physically using Kinesis’ redemption feature. This enables investors to redeem the physical gold (999.9) and silver (999) bullion underpinning their Kinesis gold and silver at some of the lowest costs and minimum withdrawals in the industry.

The addition of Kinesis gold and silver to Emirex comes ahead of Kinesis Pro, Kinesis’ professional crypto trading platform set to launch this year. The professional exchange will offer a range of high-liquidity trading pairs, reliable exchange security and a significant expansion of cryptocurrency assets in the Kinesis ecosystem.

In an economic environment where the strength of gold and silver is as evident as ever, the listing on Emirex brings the stable, time-proven value of physical precious metals to crypto traders and investors across the globe. 

Grigory Rybalchenko, Emirex Founder and CEO, stated: “We’re extremely excited to be partnering with Kinesis to introduce the KAU and KAG tokens to Emirex.

“We genuinely believe tokenizing precious metals as assets using blockchain is the future of the commodities markets—that’s why we are excited to support Kinesis.” 

Thomas Coughlin, Chief Executive Officer at Kinesis, said: “We are thrilled to expand on the global availability of Kinesis gold and Kinesis silver and to bring the benefits of the Kinesis Monetary System to a broader user base. The listing of Kinesis gold and silver on Emirex adds further exposure to the Kinesis brand and ensures that investors and traders around the world can access the stable value of precious metals through fairly-priced, fully-allocated physical gold and silver from Kinesis.”

About Kinesis

Kinesis Money is a global digital asset utility platform that facilitates the trade, management, and everyday spending of physical gold and silver-based digital assets and cryptocurrencies. 

Through its monetary system, users can earn yields on physical, allocated gold and silver and spend, save, trade, and redeem their precious metals anytime on a global, low-fee basis.

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About Emirex

Strategically based in Dubai and founded in 2017, the Emirex platform enables investors and traders to easily invest in and trade digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and digital assets, within a Sharia regulatory-compliant environment.

The trading platform offers a huge number of markets, allowing users to trade a wide selection of fiat-to-crypto pairs priced in AED. Emirex offers a comprehensive trading arena for all crypto markets that includes detailed order books, customizable charting screens, and technical indicators. 

Risk Statement: Trading cryptocurrencies entails a significant degree of market risk. You are warned that Emirex is not liable for any trading losses you may incur. Please use caution while making trades.

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