JKL Group Is Starting a New Crypto Mining Firm

JKL Group Is Starting a New Crypto Mining Firm

November 22, 2022

JKL Group is establishing a new $50 million crypto mining business. The money is set to come from institutions like family offices, individual investors, and HNWI.

JKL Group Is Entering the Crypto Mining Arena

As an APAC, JKL Group is now being billed as the first company of its kind to step into the digital currency mining arena and establish such an enterprise. The company says it has seen a “growing interest” in bitcoin from its many clients, and the firm is now looking for ways to diversify not only itself, but the asset options available to customers.

Approximately $40 million of the money in question is set to come from external investors, while the remaining $10 million will come through a junior tranche. CEO of JKL Group Lin Cheung explained in a recent interview:

Digital assets mining provides an unparalleled opportunity to investors in terms of diversification and upside beta exposure to the cryptocurrency space. On the one hand, bitcoin mining delivers a stable future cash flow dictated by the algorithm of bitcoin blockchain, which provides a solid baseline for valuation. On the other hand, the ROI of cryptocurrency mining mostly depends on four variable factors: price of equipment, electricity rates, digital asset output, and price of the mined cryptocurrency. While these factors can be volatile, it is also up to the investor to determine at what profitability levels to switch the miner on and off, securing the upside exposure.

Under normal circumstances, such a seemingly large and powerful company getting involved in the crypto mining space would be great news. It would make headlines throughout the digital currency arena and give traders and investors something to really sink their teeth into. Unfortunately, the current situation gives rise to questions like, “Is it really the right time to do something like this?”

The fact is that the crypto industry is not doing well as of late. The arena has lost more than $2 trillion in valuation over the past few months alone, while assets like bitcoin – the world’s largest and most popular in terms of its market cap – have fallen more than 70 percent since achieving their latest all-time highs last November.

During that month, BTC was trading for about $68,000 per unit. Now, the currency is struggling just to maintain a position in the low $19K range. It’s a sad and ugly sight to see.

How Will This Be Done?

JKL Group was founded five years ago in 2017. The founders are seasoned professionals that boast backgrounds in traditional finance and the global monetary space. They’ve also worked in asset management and quantitative investment strategies.

One of the methods the company is going to use to build its new bitcoin mining firm is to obtain machines currently suffering from bear market prices, which should save executives lots of money.

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